Huawei Mate 30 Lite could be Huawei's first smartphone not to come with Android

Huawei's next series of top-end Mate phones is expected in the next couple of months, and one of the latest rumors suggests that one of them will come from the company's new Android alternative.

Which most likely won't happen for the version of the phone you buy, but a SlashLeaks contributor has provided information that speaks Chinese for the Mate 30 Lite may come with a different operating system.

It is rumored to be called HongMeng OS, and its own attempt by Huawei to replace the Android software on their phones. Huawei said it has been working on the software for some time.

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All Huawei phones currently run the Android software with the company's own EMUI overlay on top, but it will be a completely new operating system that will run various apps and likely won't have access to Google services.

After the US imposed sanctions on Huawei earlier this year, the company risks losing access to the Android platform.

While the situation looks less dire now, it is still unclear whether Huawei will be able to continue using Google's operating system on all devices of the future, or whether it will be stopped from using it in the future, so it is understandable that companies will look for alternatives.

It would make sense for Huawei to test its software for the Chinese market first, and including one of the lower ends of handsets in the buddy range rather than a flagship seems too logical an approach.

As always, take this information with a big pinch of salt. We can't confirm the source, and we won't know Huawei's plans for sure until later this year, when we see the 30 Series addition officially unveiled.

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