Phil Spencer confirms single-player games will continue to launch on Xbox

Phil Spencer confirms single-player games will continue to launch on Xbox

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has confirmed that the company will continue to release single player games on the Xbox platform in the coming years. He noted that they have a lot of teams that are developing strong singles games and they intend to continue in this direction.

While the popularity of multiplayer online games continues to grow, this announcement will be good news for those who prefer to play single player games on the console.

Xbox has long been known for its multiplayer games, but they also recognize the demand for a single player experience, especially in the context of growing criticism of microtransactions and loot boxes. Xbox strives to strike a balance and meet the expectations of its fans.

It is noticeable that Phil Spencer mentions games from the Xbox studios, which indicates that the company is actively investing in its own single games, and not only relying on multi-platform releases from third-party developers.

In recent years, Microsoft has acquired several studios such as Ninja Theory and Obsidian, known for their strong single player games. This is indicative of Xbox's intention to strengthen its exclusive catalog of single-player games.

This is especially important ahead of the launch of a new generation of consoles and the Scarlett project in 2020. Microsoft needs a well-balanced and compelling exclusive game catalog that will appeal to a wide audience of gamers and help them stay ahead of the competition.

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