Nintendo Switch can make SNES controllers and games, FCC filing shows

Nintendo appears to be preparing new (or should we say old?) controllers for the Nintendo Switch console.

According to the FCC, the filing, which was first seen posters on the Resetera and on the retro-styled SNES controller, has recently surfaced, but with photos that will be kept under wraps until next year. The location of the notch, however, shows this Nintendo controller boasting zl and zr buttons on the top, or it could be a joy-con docking rail that will allow you to attach to a switch.

The filing also shows Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

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Nintendo launched last year NES-style wireless switch controllers, in addition to the classic NES games, which it has begun adding to its online Switch subscription service. Now, with this new FCC filing appearing, people are naturally wondering if Nintendo plans to add classic games to the SNES next, which will of course fit the new controllers on the SNES, which can slide into Joy-Con rails - just like version for NES.

However, this particular FCC filing is light on details due to its confidential status, so some of the speculation around is just speculation. We have contacted Nintendo for comment, and we will update you if we learn more.

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