Snap glasses 3 each have dual HD cameras for 3D capture

Tooling Inc. introduced its newest generation glasses with dual HD cameras designed for 3D shooting. While you will be able to take 3D shots, augmented reality is the goal and you will be able to apply 3D effects.

There are also four microphones for high quality sound, plus there's a light to let people know when you're recording.

They have a modernized look - 3 glasses have a steel frame with round lenses. It comes in two colors - carbon, which is basically a black mineral, which is essentially a golden light. They are certainly idiosyncratic, as you can see from the images here.

But unlike previous versions of the hardware, says Snap Glasses 3 is a limited edition that won't be too long. We do suspect though that if the concept is successful then we will see the technology reappear.

Photos can be exported as circular, horizontal, square and virtual reality formats for sharing elsewhere.

Snap Inc. says that 203 million users will open their cameras daily and share 3,5 billion pictures. Yes, it's every day. Snap also says that more than half of smartphone photos are now taken using the in-camera app, although since this is his own research, we should probably take it with a pinch of salt.

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