Divorce TV name and logo officially confirmed

With OnePlus finally ready to go beyond smartphones and play in the TV segment next. The company has just confirmed that it will be called OnePlus on TV and also unveiled the logo.

Earlier this year, with OnePlus announced its intention to enter the smart TV game , bringing its turn to it. According to company executives, TVs haven't opened in the last few years and they thought they might bring something new to the table.

Official OnePlus TV logo

In a forum post, the company shares several updates around TV. For starters, it will be called 'Russian TV'. A competition was held in which community members could propose names for a new product, and the name was then completed. They even went as far as showing a logo that was just as minimal. The name may not sound impressive, but OnePlus is known for favoring minimalism when it comes to design and name. Or he probably doesn't want to create a new product name and keep things simple, just like with their smartphones.

The OnePlus TV will embrace around the "Never Settle" philosophy and sport "burdenless" design. It will be interesting how better the design of the TV will be, since there's not much difference imaginable.

OnePlus TV Smartphone Specifications

There isn't much information available on the TVs itself, but MySmartPrice was able to get some information. It will come in a variety of screen sizes, starting at 43 inches and going all the way up to 75 inches. These will vary by region and India is expected to receive 43, 55, 65 and 75-inch variants. They are expected to be 4K OLED panels manufactured by TFE Display Technology Pvt Ltd.

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With OnePlus, the TV will bring a lot of smart, network-enabled features that the competition doesn't offer. It will have WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and an AI voice assistant. It will work on Android TV, but better forget to add her twist to it.

It won't take long for more information to surface as the OnePlus TV is slated to be announced in the last week of September, and will target markets like India and Canada.

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