Best US Netflix Series (August 2019): Fantastic Netflix Shows

Best Netflix Shows: Welcome to the first video guide to the best shows and series you can stream on Netflix in the US.

Netflix is ​​hosting some of the best shows on the planet these days, bar none. From the original like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, to syndicated content like Archer, Black Mirror and Breaking Bad, if you need to unwind with a great TV show, there's only one place to go.

This means that if you are anything like us, you spend a lot of time in front of the screen and Netflix channels. It also means that you have run out of series.

To help you keep that dropper of great TV content dripping, we've scoured the entire video streaming service to create a guide to the best Netflix shows we need now. We keep this list constantly updated with the latest TV shows you should be watching to check out the highlights.

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August update: It's been an incredible season for Netflix with new episodes of Weird Eyes, Stranger Things and Everyone's Last Chance has been dropping over the past few months. We're very excited to show the lineup in September - including a second season to Matt Groening's disappointment - but there's no shortage of new shows to serve.

So where should you start? Our list starts with the most recent releases - so start at the beginning with the latest options, or dive straight into the best of the best, the choice is yours.

Why focus on Netflix? Why not hit Hulu or tackle Voodoo, Crunch or Vimeo? Well, these services are great, but in our opinion, Netflix has the most variety and is perhaps the best shows of any other service.

That being said, there's never been a better time to binge watch, so stick around in our gallery and let us know if your favorite series isn't on the list.

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When it comes to TV and movies, the 80s is the nostalgia of the decade of the moment. Whether it's the Jeff Nichols midnight special that plays like a Steven Spielberg movie, if Spielberg did make movies like he did in the eighties, or the Goldbergs and Red Oaks of the Mountain Decade laughs, filmmakers can't get enough of Sony's console suits and Walkman.

The Stranger is still another ingenious homage to this era. Leaning heavily on Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King, the plot revolves around a small town, a group of friends, a missing and dubious science lab. Writing more will give away plenty of twists and turns in a series that's full of brilliant creepy fun.

The third season reached at the beginning of the summer and it was just fantastic.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

Need a dose of good TV to help you navigate today's challenging political landscape? Check out Queer Eye, a show about the best you have with the help of five of the coolest dudes on the planet. The show has just started its fourth season in three years, and we're still indoor-loving people stuck in a rut and picking up their self-respecting, narcissistic person that we all want to be.

Seasons on Netflix: 4

ESPN couldn't be in the world of sports documentaries in Series 30 to 30. But that was before Netflix had the crazy idea of ​​making one of their own. Inspired by an article in GQ magazine, Last Chance Wu follows collegiate athletes who are one step away from never playing football. On top of the pressure on the field, students face challenges in the classroom, where class absences and fear don't hit harder than running back. It's bold, heartbreaking, and exactly the kind of series that gives you something to ache for all the time you're biting your nails.

Just in time for football season, the fourth season of the show, which continues after the team in independence, Kansas is now available.

Seasons on Netflix: 4

Starting in June, you can catch three new episodes of spiritual successor Charlie Brooker in the Twilight Zone. We won't spoil the details of the episodes here, but, with Miley Cyrus playing an eerily good main character in this installment, there's good reason to be excited about returning to the show.

Before Black Mirror Charlie Brooker was best known for his Znarka, take a look at the news in the weekly Wipe and his fantastic, caustic take a look at the views of meeja in London's Shoreditch. Now the show has given him superstar status. In vain, this is science fiction TV with each episode dedicated to a specific dystopian theme, mostly built around technology goes very long. The third season was ordered by Netflix and is in 4K, with most of the episodes being feature-length.

Seasons on Netflix: 5 + Bandersnatch special

If you like your cultural analysis with a dash of humor, Dear White People is the show for you. Starring Logan Browning as a controversial White himself, a respected white man is moving through the sly terrain of race relations in post-Obama-but-not-yet-post-era racism. The first few episodes back from hitting anything too heavy, but as episodes five and six come along, you get a gnawing sense of why this series is so needed at this moment in our history. Funny, smart, and dripping with wit, Dear White People isn't so much an attack on American ideals as it's a series about intelligence, explaining, advocating, and discussing the issues faced by people of color in the US.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

My next guest needs no introduction and has a simple but fantastic premise: what if, instead of being David Letterman as the late-night talk show host, he sits down with some of the most famous people in entertainment and politics and just talks to them face to face. . No big band to play with, no goofy segments to fill the time, and no commercial breaks. It's just Letterman and his guests for 50 minutes at a time. The first episode stars former US President Barack Obama, which in itself makes it worth watching.

Season 2, which aired at the end of May, stars rapper/media mogul Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres, Tiffany Haddish, Lewis Hamilton and philanthropist Melinda Gates in a poignant, heated conversation with the former late night king.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

If you're looking for frequent time travel romance, check out the Outlander, arriving on duty May 27th. The plot follows Claire Randall as she travels back in time to Scotland, where she is, uh, friends with the locals.

It's basically how you think who meets you in your grandmother's romance novels.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

We have some bad news, true believers: Netflix will no longer host the Marvel TV show. The companies announced their separation at the end of 2018, and sealed the deal in February this year with the cancellation of Jessica Jones and The Punisher.

That said, for the foreseeable future, you'll still be able to watch episodes of every existing Marvel show, which currently include Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the crossover event Daredevil, The Defenders.

But don't mess around, there's no point in saying what tomorrow will bring for the heroes (and villains) of Hell's Kitchen.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

While we were disappointed to hear that Netflix would be ending its long-term partnership with Marvel Studios on shows including Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, we were treated in February by the auspices of the Academy - a comic book series written and developed by the former my chemical romance frontman Gerald Way. The comic book series, which is currently in its third flight, has attracted a huge cult following (not unlike My Chemical Romance) and Netflix has scooped up the rights to the series.

Even so, the show isn't as big as its marvel predecessors - but it scratches the itch of super-food telecasts without reliance on the iconic (and expensive) IPS.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

The long-awaited reboot of the beloved little witch is finally here, and it's simply one of the best new shows on Netflix.

Season 10 just in time for Halloween - offering XNUMX episodes
supernatural drama school. In the show's second season, which debuted in April, we get a chance to see how Sabrina is for her new life as a witch, and her struggles with her inner and outer demons.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Orange is the new black Natasha Lyonne stars in this dark comedy as Nadia, who dies and relives her 36th birthday in a surreal time loop - just like Groundhog Day.

With its cynical and witty expertise of the living and the dying, the Russian Doll quickly switches between laugh-out-loud mirth and devastating sadness - it's a must watch. In June 2019, Netflix announced that there would be a Russian Doll update for the second season - more details coming soon.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

Created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, the big mouth that Kroll and Goldberg made as teenagers in Westchester County, New York.

The series is all about puberty, raging hormones Nick personified Maurice's hormone monster, which negates all of his anxiety-ridden teenage life.

Season 2 is just a click away on Netflix and it's as graphic as ever in its frank portrayal of the ups and downs of a teenager and dealing with body changes (don't watch it with your parents).

Seasons on Netflix: 2

The critically acclaimed comedy in a good place is back for a new season, continuing to follow the afterlife of a recently deceased woman who is sent to heaven by mistake.

The last season ended on a bit of a rock hanger, so fans will be happy to know there's a new episode every week. Great cast, smart writing and an original concept make this a must see.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, Maniac is a dark comedy series that follows two strangers as they go on a pharmaceutical drug trial that claims to solve users' problems all the time.

On its first day of release, the show was met with widely positive reviews, with the entire first season available for streaming on Netflix.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

Bojaka jigit is back for a new season, after rave reviews for the previous four.

After a life nailed by actor Bojack as he struggles with alcoholism, toxic relationships, and family issues, the series is as touching as it can be heartbreaking. For those who were worried that it might be too dark for them, fear not - there's plenty of slapstick humor, wordplay, and awesome animation to keep the balance.

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Seasons on Netflix: 5

Coming of Age will feature atypical returns for the new season, with Keir Gilchrist reprising his role as Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old with autism. Season two follows Sam as he begins to think about college and his family as they struggle to come to terms with betrayal.

Sam may be the show's protagonist, but it's his little sister Casey who steals the limelight in the new season as she tries to juggle school, her career, friendships and love.

Even if you left education a long time ago, it's hard to shake that 'back to school' feeling in early September - with that in mind, why not try out a few school themed shows on Netflix?

A good place to start is American Vandal, a parody of which is seen as an after-school prank that sees teachers car vandalized. The light-hearted hem of serious true documentaries Crime, How to Make a Killer and the Ladder has received great reviews, and the second season arrives on Netflix on September 14th.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Before the new season drops on October 10, you can still catch up with the first two seasons of Riverdale, a teen drama based on the infamous Archie comic book series.

If you've been an Archie comics fan as a child, this interpretation of beloved characters is much darker and more mysterious than you'll remember, revolving around the murder of a local boy as the characters struggle to navigate school, relationships, and family.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Orange is the new black is back for its sixth season of the show, which is consistently one of the best to watch, with its gorgeous tale of life in a women's prison. It is so popular that its creators have announced that the concert will last until at least seven seasons.

That being said, show the dark. Tensions and problems with the US penitentiary system have been brought to the fore and while the comedy of the first few seasons is still there, slathered with a bit of drama.

Seasons on Netflix: 6

Before we continue with the recommendation, shameless comes with a warning: this show, a dramedy about a poor family in Chicago, is actually shameless. Frank, played by William H. Macy, will scheme his way to his next drink... even if that means taking his own kids money for lunch. If you have ethical problems look less than wonderful people doing everything to make ends meet, shameless, not for you.

All that said, those who don't mind a little more ... shameless characters will seriously take up the sandbar shameless, sex and money-driven take on modern family comedy.

Seasons on Netflix: 8

13 reasons why tackle the heavy subject aside that are both heartfelt and shocking in equal measure. The show is a high school drama that revolves around a student, Clay Jensen, and his girlfriend Hannah Baker. Hannah commits suicide and the first season covers 13 reasons why it happened.

As you might expect, there are many themes and topics in 13 reasons that may be upsetting for some viewers. So really keep that in mind if you're planning on watching it anytime soon - and see who you're planning on watching it too.

However, if you can digest the source material, 13 Reasons Why Did a Good Job is a candid look at the social pressures on teenagers in the technological age.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Netflix has a problematic sci-fi fixture - The Wachowskis' Sense8 had big ambitions, but didn't quite hit the sweet spot for everyone. Altered Carbon hoped with its unique combination of dystopian science fiction. Based on the book of the same name by Richard Morgan, the show sparks brilliance (Joel Kinnaman is excellent) but is also sometimes funny in its beginning (James Purefoy hams it throughout). He strives to be more than he really is, but we admire what he tries to do. Oh, and it looks fantastic in 4K.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

If you feel like you need too good sleep, American Horror Story is all too happy to fix it for you. You'll find seven seasons of shows on Netflix, each centering around a different storyline and a unique set of fears. Not sure if clowns are all that scary? Watch American Horror Story. Think porous materials are harmless? Again, watch American Horror Story. Whatever you love can and will be used to scare you stupidly.

[Updates: American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the eighth season of the Anthology series is out now on FX. We're not sure when it will be available to stream on Netflix, but we'll update this article as soon as it lands.]

Seasons on Netflix: 7

If it wasn't for Netflix, the developmental delay would have remained three seasons of the issue. The streaming giant decided to take a chance and fund the fourth season of the brilliant Mitchell Hurwitz family comedy, and we gladly did. While splitting the family up for most of the season meant some of the sparks were gone - this was done to fit into the cast's busy schedules - the fourth season proved there's a lot more to like about the dysfunctional Bluth family.

Filled with season-long jokes, excellent website gags and spot-on wordplay, "arrested development" comedy that should be watched on repeat - and even then you'll find something new to laugh at.

Seasons on Netflix: 5

Freddie Highmore was one of the sweetest kids in his younger years, playing angelic kids in the likes of Fairyland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now he's a full grown adult he's a much darker turn as future Psycho Psycho Norman Bates in the Bate Motel show. A prequel to the Psycho movies, Bates Motel is a fantasy spin on horror tales, ramping up the relationship between Bates and his mother - the cold and calculating Vera Farmiga - and sprinkling along the way with references to how he got to be who he became.

Seasons on Netflix: 5

Better call Saul better than breaking bad. This phrase We never thought we wanted to write, but already three seasons and a flawless TV. It's not necessarily a threat or fear that Walter White's move into "breaking bad", instead he takes his time to draw Saul Goodman, who had what was bad mostly for "Comedian Relief".

In his own show, though, creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have created a well-rounded character, whose gangster rampage is a slow burn. Although some characters have begun to appear from Breaking Bad, the show is not asking for the appearance of Walter White and Jesse - this is now its own business entirely.

Seasons on Netflix: 4

A stronger addiction than methamphetamine pushed Walt and Jesse into a breaking bad binge-watching TV. The initial plot is simple: a puritanical teacher is told that he has cancer and to make sure he leaves his family for a better life, he turns into taking drugs and dealing. There is a technique in his madness as he ends up being pretty good. Creator Vince Gilligan created such a good group of characters, he's currently mining the same world again with Better Call Saul. But in order to reach high highs, what a tough offer.

Seasons on Netflix: 5

The words 'food porn' get thrown around a lot these days, and are usually preceded by a hashtag and passed by us viciously rolling our eyes. But the chef's table is the real internet - 4K footage of some of the world's best chefs making their signature dishes and mean bits of philosophy to keep your mind as busy as your stomach.

Parts of the series come off as too heady for the source material and tend to veer a bit off course (there are a few scenes where the chef in particular talks about polygamy for some strange reason), but in general most chefs come off as genuinely an eccentric master of his craft.

Seasons on Netflix: 6

Wish your fairy tale was a little darker? A dark German language thriller in which the disappearance of two children in a small town brings broken relationships and the dark past of the people living there to the surface.

Adding a touch of Scandinavian American drama thriller, Dark is an example of foreign-made TV from Netflix that is expressed in every territory.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Created by Netflix and Vox Media, this handy and smart series offers a glimpse into some of today's most popular ideas and technologies and explains them in a way that's poignant in its presentation without feeling overwhelming to accept.

From the racial wealth gap, why diets rarely work through K-pop and the stock market, this is an insightful look at the issues, ideas and trends of today and other things that may shape tomorrow. At the very least, it gives you enough knowledge to have a really good argument in the pub.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

Co-created and starring the ever-genius Brit Marling, The OA is made up of eight episodes that rival weirdness, well, weirdness.

Marling is a blind woman who returns after disappearing for years. Her sight is recovering and she has a story to tell. While there are eight episodes, they vary wildly in length, ranging from 70 minutes to 30 minutes. All this was done to make you feel uncomfortable and it does a great job.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

The highly anticipated second season of the female wrestling comedy Glow is finally here. Gorgeous female wrestling is back and this time they have been commissioned on a full series of their cheesy, hot pink, hairspray running on a wrestling show led by their cocaine director (played by Marc Maron). I suggest at the beginning of the comments the second season could potentially even outshine the first with its refreshing female vocals from the actors and writers and a brilliant balance between empowerment and exploitation. It needs to be watched.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

Loosely based on the life of comedian Bill Burr, F is a Family is a funny and endearing cartoon set in 1970s American bedroom communities, and centers around Burr's father Frank Murphy.

A slightly more grown-up version of The Simpsons, a series about '70s nostalgia, music, costume and cultural references mixed in with Frank's profanity ranting on his naughty children and wife Sue's forbearance.

Full to the brim with laugh out loud moments, the series is as touching as it is funny.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Calling it by the crowd the British version of The Big Bang Theory an insult is one of the greatest 'nerd' comedies of all time. Although the show ran for a meager four years, it remains one of the best parodies of today's internet geeks. If you want a break from all the mystery, murder, and crime-fighting shows on the streaming service, then this crowd-friendly, hilarious look at life in the world and it totally deserves cult status.

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Seasons available on Netflix: 4

And it was to us to think that Daredevil on the subject was dark. Jessica Jones is another tale set in Hell's Kitchen, which may be banned under Marvel, but is so far removed from the bromance of Thor and Iron Man that you're likely to see.

Breaking Bad by Krysten Ritter is excellent as the titular Jones, a private detective with super powers and super questions. It's a nighttime noir that moves in the same circles as Daredevil - literally and figuratively, as both characters eventually team up as protectors. It may not have the bone-crunching violence that Daredevil is famous for, but there's so much booze, sex, and dark humor on screen to make this comic book crack caper that's strictly adults only.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

This awkward romantic comedy is written by Judd Apatow and is yet another hit for the originals on Netflix. It's a similar companion to the Wizard's none, but it improves on the theme of dating, love, and city life with characters that are more rounded and a little more believable, as they fail, give up, and start over again in quick succession. The community of Jillian Jacobs is great as prim Mickey, while Paul Rust is effortless as slacker Gus. The show kidnapper, however, is Uber Apatow's talented daughter Iris, who plays an unabashedly terribly stellar child.

'Will they, wouldn't they?' the shenanigans continue into season two - those who expected a precinct-heavy season will be disappointed, though, as love winds its way through the storylines - which isn't a bad thing (and more realistic) if you ask us.

The third and final season of love, the third, is also ready to watch. You can finally put this rocky relationship to the rest. Phew.

Seasons on Netflix: 3

Luke Cage is back for a second season and this time he brought some other TV superheroes along for the ride. This season sees Cage teaming up first with Iron for what others are sure to stub on Luke Cage's mythos.

After debuting in the first episode of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is now firmly entrenched in Hell's Kitchen, and in two seasons (and two shows), the character has become something of a powerhouse. Season two still suffers from the same slump the first did, but after mediocre defensemen and poor Iron Fist, it's a breath of fresh air.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Mad Men is more addicted than Don Draper's cigarettes trying to market the US. If you've never watched it, it's basically "Mad Men" - it's a series about everything we now view as taboo in a blindingly harsh light. Set in 1960s America, interdepartmental intercourse par for the course, along with overflowing ashtrays of cigarettes, sexism at the highest level and a complete disregard for morals, so long as it serves to advance the characters on their climb to the top of the corporate ladder. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his assistant Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) shock and amuse us by showing how the lives of publicity managers who got the public to buy cigarettes long after they knew the health risks.

Seasons on Netflix: 7

True crime stories are so hot right now, testifying to the huge popularity of the Serial podcast and the HBO Beast. The Netflix original series, however, Making the Killer is probably the most sought-after of them all, documenting the events that test Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey, two working-class Americans accused of killing 23-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach. Over 10 episodes, the show exposes the shortcomings of the Wisconsin justice system in blood-boiling detail. After spending 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Steven Avery is acquitted based on new DNA evidence.

However, shortly after his release, he becomes the prime suspect in Halbach's murder, and Avery is again forced to figure out the law, which seems to him. Anger follows, setting off a sequence of events that involved forced confessions, flimsy (and possibly planted) evidence, dodgy lawyers, and total presumption of guilt from almost everyone involved. Compelling, frenzied and tragic, we guarantee you won't be able to stop watching What the Killer Does Once You've Started.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

The Wizard doesn't take Ansari from Amy Poehler's shadow and brings it into his own, showing viewers a side comedian that someone in their mid-20s or early 30s can relate to. Like Louie, it doesn't cover the oddities of everyday life, including all the heartfelt moments and awkward situations that come with the territory.

If you haven't watched it yet, now is a good time - the second season has just arrived.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

David Fincher is no stranger to Netflix, he's heavily involved with The House as a producer and director of the first episode, but Mindhunter's Fincher is going to...well, a complete Fincher. It is based on John Douglas' book of the same name and a timeline of the life of the FBI, whose job it is to track down serial killers. It is set in the 70s and all 10 episodes of the show Tina are appealing. This ominous collage of "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Mad Men" and the magnificent star Anna Torv is the rim of glory.

Fincher is directing four episodes and the entire thing was written by Joe Penhall, who wrote the script for The Road.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

Narcos is a wonderful thing: a TV show that doesn't skimp on controversy. Based on the exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, the show examines the rise of a criminal to the top of one of the largest drug rings in the world, while constantly trying to avoid the clutches of the DEA.

Uncompromising, awkward, but perfectly good, Narcos is exactly the sort of thing that Netflix should be commissioning. This is the same kind of thing that HBO would have been snapped up even a few years ago - which says a lot about where television is today.

Seasons on Netflix: 4

Based on the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a futuristic anime set in a world where people live in cities protected by huge walls to protect them from giant humanoid monsters called titans who devour them at every opportunity.

When the Titan breaches the wall of hero Eren Yeager's hometown, he vows to take revenge by joining a group of soldiers who fight them. While the show has a dedicated fan following, the second and third seasons are yet to be released on Netflix.

Seasons on Netflix: 1

Zooey Deschanel is so cute - a word we hate but describes her Jess character perfectly. The storylines here are thin, but the comedy is solid gold as Jess lives with a bunch of guys who just can't seem to get their lives together. Now, in her final season, Jess has a human crush, and while we don't want to spoil the surprise, the long journey from one life to almost married should be accepted.

Seasons on Netflix: 6

We always knew that Amy Poehler was funny. Sketch after sketch on Saturday Night Live proved she had a comedic professional stand-up-mix with creative executive producer abilities. Each Parks and Recreation series is a chance to see Poehler do what she does best, with a great supporting cast of Nick House, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones behind her every move. While we're sad to see the show come to a heartbreaking conclusion this year, the February finale was the perfect excuse to go back and watch the entire series from start to finish.

Seasons on Netflix: 7

The Santa Clarita Diet is kind of like if the TV show Dexter met a modern family. It stars Drew Barrymore as the stereotypical TV mom, with one simple but rather interesting difference: she loves to eat people.

This new series is the perfect send up family sitcom, taking all the tropes that make modern families so successful, turning them on their heads and then eating them head on. And be careful: when everyone eats it's all very grizzly - so much so that he can give The Walking Dead a run for his money. That said, It's probably best to put the kids to sleep.

The second season of The Santa Clarita Diet came to Netflix in March 2018, and proves that this high notion show has more than one blowing season.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

It shouldn't work, but it's really true. This modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes story is as good as it gets. Benedict Cumberbatch is everything you want in Holmes - someone that wallows in wit, mystery and warmth. While Martin Freeman plays Dr. Watson, as he plays all of his characters - he's an everyman that must learn to deal with his extraordinary co-workers. The episodes are few, but each one is feature-length, which gives them time to breathe. Let's just hope these two superstars can find time in their busy schedules to keep making the show.

Seasons on Netflix: 4

Crowning Netflix in glory? Not exactly, but this is a luxurious view of one of the most famous families in the world: the royal family.

Depicting the early years of the relationship between The Queen (Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (ex-Doctor Who Matt Smith), the show was written by Peter Morgan, and at £100 million, is one of the most expensive series ever made. That means there's enough glitz and pomp to keep those longing for the Downton Abbey replacement happy.

The second season continues the timeline of the Queen's life, tracking major events between 1957 and 1963. We're ready for Season 3, with Olivia Colman taking on the lead role.

Seasons on Netflix: 2

If Great British Bake Off or just Zumbo desserts makes you feel inadequate, you should try Nailed It!, a baking show for people who don't know how to play with baking. The series sees three contenders per episode take on two impossible baking challenges, with the "winner" receiving $10,000. (The winner is a term we use loosely, of course.)

Hosted by the infectiously upbeat Nicole Baier and suave French pastry chef Jacques Torres, this show is guaranteed to make you smile.

[Update: Christmas episode, I get it: it's holiday time...perfect viewing for a cozy night out.]

Seasons on Netflix: 2

Taken from the comic of the same name (min ***), at the end of the f*** world f*** genius. It tells the story of two teenagers on a journey; both are loners on the run, but one of them just happens to be a bit of a psychopath. Funny but cruel TV. It's British and funded by Channel 4 and has a fantastic edge to get everyone in it - and it's quite a bite, too, for just a 20 minute episode. It's so good, it's destined to make a second season. The first one ends so beautifully, although, in fact, it is a real shame that this will happen.

Seasons on Netflix: 1 (and it should stay)

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