More mourning in Silent Hill: etc.? Trademark releases more Konami horror on the way

It's been a while since we saw the new Silent Hill game. While we've got a taste of Konami horror back in 2014, with Silent Hill: P.T., there hasn't been a mainstream Silent Hill game released since 2012 - but it looks like things might change.

Back in July, Konami Entertainment registered a trademark with the Canadian government on Silent Hill, indicating the trademark would be 'video games; computer game services" (via Game Runt).

The full description of the state-trademark services will be used for:

“Provision of online video games; providing online computer games; providing information in the field of video games; providing information in the field of computer games; organizations, Organization and holding of competitions in video games; organization, holding a computer game, contests.

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Return from the fog

This trademark filing suggests we might see more Silent Hill games in the future, which isn't surprising given the latest spate of reboots and remasters.

Konami can choose to follow Capcom's steps towards remastering one of the more popular Silent Hill games, such as Silent Hill 2, or even remastering some of its titles. However, there is also the possibility that the companies have decided to give the franchise a modern reboot.

The mention of a competition suggests the possibility of the latter, as, to date, Silent Hill has not had any low or multiplayer aspects that would warrant a competition.

However, it's worth noting that Konami may simply be filing a trademark to silence grief in the family, as the company hasn't shown that it's working on anything Silent Hill reviews.

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