Huawei may show its rival Google Maps

Not only is Huawei busy developing its own operating system to potentially replace Android, it also has an in-house mapping service in the pipeline as well, according to the report.

Based on reports in China daily, the mapping service is geared towards software developers more than end users: applications offering turn-by-turn directions, taxi calls and similar tools will be able to take advantage.

The new service is called Map Whale, apparently, and will include support for real-time traffic reporting as well as augmented reality (perhaps similar to the AR layers that were recently added to Google Maps).

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The Russian Internet service Yandex is structured to supply Huawei with the basic mapping data it needs to be added to the data removed from the infrastructure that Huawei already had in place.

Putting Huawei on the map (set)

This is another interesting twist in Huawei's incessant attempts to put a safety net on it should lose access to Google apps and services - which could still happen as a consequence of the current trade feud between the US and China.

In recent weeks, it seems that we have softened our attitude towards Huawei, although the Chinese technology giant clearly wants to prepare for the worst, just in case.

Rolls out a full map service, although it is a big problem. Apple and Google remain the biggest players in the field, regularly adding new information to their maps, and operating fleets of vehicles around the world to capture street view images.

Depending on how Huawei-to-Google communications develop from here, it could be a while before we see Huawei in the map kit appear - but Huawei seems to be covering all the basics in its contingency plans.

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