Inside Samsung's Incredible New London Store and Workshop - Samsung Model KX

Samsung has opened the doors to the Samsung KX, a new place for someone not to go and try Samsung devices and how they work together - check out our photo gallery above.

Yes, it's a store, but it's also very different from Apple's or Microsoft's new store in the UK, with less emphasis on retail. It's also huge, covering about 20 square feet.

There are also a bunch of other things to do locally and we went to check them out when we visited not too long ago after the doors were open.

There are hot desk workspaces, cafes and a bunch of different ways anyone can go and explore Samsung Tech – one of the best of these is Galaxy Graffiti, which will let you scribble on a 10-meter video wall across a range of London traditions.

Samsung KX is located in Coal Drops Yard, which bills itself as London's newest shopping and dining area, just north of King's Cross station and across the Regent's Canal.

The once cobbled streets, brick arches and viaducts were the coal shops for London's industrial heartlands. Why is 'drops' part of the name? The coal was delivered by rail and dropped through a hole in the middle of the yard level before being sorted and put into bags. Now you know.

Naturally, you can go and get product support if you want, including device health checks and repairs. You can also demo new devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, tablets or even kitchen appliances - a fully equipped kitchen too.

There are also a bunch of headphone listening stations and couches where you can sit and watch TV in action.

Other demos include a digital cockpit that will let you experience what a connected car will be like (yes it uses Bixby), an AR demo where you can leave notes for others and a DJing zone where you can see how easy it is to create beats with a smartphone.

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The digital cockpit experience is developed together with Samsung-owned Harman, known for its car audio and other technology. In fact, the demo was first shown at this year's CES 2019 show in Las Vegas.

It also connects to Samsung's SmartThings connected ecosystem and you can make simple commands while on the road, such as turning on the lights at home or in the fridge.

There are six QLED displays inside the dummy car entertainment system too (it even has Dex in the back so you can connect your Galaxy phone to the screen) and the system will also alert you if you're falling asleep!

Samsung says it will also host on-site events using different areas, including movie nights, cocktail workshops and gaming tournaments. The area on the screen has a kind of amphitheatre-style living room, so we can imagine that it will be the focus of many events on the site. You can book for workshops and other events at Samsung from KX website.

You can go and check out the Samsung KX for yourself - the doors are open! it is located in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London, N1c 4DQ and is open from 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday and from 12 pm to 6 pm on Sundays.

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