There is no official exchange program switch, says Nintendo

A downcast Nintendo spokesman reports that an existing exchange program for new Nintendo Switch owners to swap their newly acquired units into an improved model, which dropped in early July.

Numerous reports surfaced late last week, indicating that the manufacturer's Kyoto headquarters is allowing users to exchange switches purchased after July 17 for version 2 as long as they cover shipping and shipping insurance costs. These reports come after the silent release of an updated version of the Nintendo Switch, which now boasts a longer battery life of up to 9 hours.

However, in a statement of inspiration, a company spokesperson says they actually “do not have a Nintendo Switch exchange program.”

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But, they welcome trade requests

All is not yet lost. While there is no official switch to the exchange program, this does not mean that you cannot receive your exchange.

These reports from Nintendo allowing exchanges have been confirmed by many users who have already had a similar experience, with one user saying that they even made an exception for him even though he ordered his July 14th and his delivery date was on the 19th. with Nintendo's customer service department and have confirmed that they are indeed welcoming such requests.

Even a Nintendo spokesperson's statement with fervor seems to hint at this unofficial policy exchange: “We always want players to be able to enjoy their Nintendo Switch system, and if anything gets in the way, we encourage you to visit them for support, or contact our customer support team”.

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Of course, despite the improved battery life, there is no glaring difference between the previous version and the current one, according to one review. If up to three hours more juice is worth paying shipping costs, not to mention being on hold for a long time - it can't hurt to call them to see if you can make your exchange as well.

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