Details of Sonos' first portable Bluetooth music player speaker leaked into marketing images

We recently learned that Sonos has registered a new device with the FCC, and we've even managed to get our first look at what could be the audio company's first Bluetooth speaker in one shot. At the time though, all we knew was her model (S17) and that would boast an automatic Trueplay feature.

A new leak over the weekend, however, revealed a lot more about the new speaker, including his name. German edition К -- which specializes in Microsoft leaks -- received several images of what will supposedly be called the Sonos move. The images include marketing shots as well as close-ups of the product itself, giving us our first real look at the upcoming speaker, along with its new charging seat.

Leaked marketing image of rumored Sonos move

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You gotta move it, move it

The charging base seems to be an optional way to keep the speaker juiced up, as this device can be charged via USB-C while away from home. While on the charging base, the speaker can be configured to use a Wi-Fi connection, and a toggle switch on the back of the device enables Bluetooth so it can be carried through the recessed handles.

Built-in LED lights will reportedly show battery level and connection status.

Like Apple's HomePod, Sonos' new speaker is rumored to feature auto Trueplay capabilities, which would allow the device to use its built-in microphone to automatically adjust the volume to suit the environment. Well, perhaps thanks to the six microphones arranged in a circle on the top of the speaker.

Microphone array on top of rumored Sonos move

According to the report from EdgeThe Sonos move - if that's really what sound is absolutely calling its upcoming speaker - will come with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as Apple's AirPlay 2.

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However, the report states that when in Bluetooth mode, voice commands will not be available and the Sonos app cannot be used to control the device. When connected to Wi-Fi Internet, the speaker will appear on the Sonos app with the battery indicator turning on.

Nothing else is known about the Sonos move, but the company has a press event scheduled for August 26-27, so we won't have to wait too long for official news.

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