Kojima tries to explain the death of babies by stranding at Gamescom 2019

We knew that Hideo Kojima was going to make an appearance at the Gamescom: Premiere video of the premiere of the new plot from Death Stranding, but it was probably too hopeful of us to think that his appearance could be simple enough. Kojima just don't do it.

While the game director, of course, tried to explain the death of stranded, and in particular the child we see Norman Reedus was carrying, he still managed to be a confusing affair.

But don't worry, we tried figure out what we have learned.

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What's with the kids?

Мы sort of have a better idea of ​​what death stranding bridge babies are thanks to a couple of new trailers.

It seems that bridge babies (or BBS) are babies who were born on the "other side" (aka stillborn). However, they are still attached to their mothers through some kind of supernatural umbilical cord, which means that they exist in some kind of mirror plane to the real world - incorporeal, but still "connected" to their mothers.

Then the kids seem to be used to people in the real world, like Norman Reedus' character Sam, to see BTS (supernatural, dark creatures). So Sam attaches a device to him that acts like it's in the womb, so BB thinks he's still there.

It seems Sam has to keep his BBs calm and happy because they are "unpredictable" and can let you down. It looks like Sam will die if BB dies. So essentially you are a delivery person and a surrogate mother…

What else do we…uh…learn?

After two trailers on the BBS, Kojima showed the death twist gameplay that started with Sam urinating to empty his "tank". Pee too caused the fungus to grow a little. We can only assume that there is a survival mechanic, which means you have to drink, eat and pee. We suppose…

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Next, the trailer detailed Sam interacting with a character modeled after game awards founder Geoff Keighley (who is literally in the game right now). Sam delivers the package and then a new thread is exposed, revealing everything on the map. Then, he fell off a cliff face down into the ground, a flat baby resting in her artificial womb on the character's chest, which was… unharmed. We have no idea.

Then the child began to cry and rock itself is to calm him down.

The new trailers haven't shed much light on death stranded, but it seems like kids formally dead, and create a link to another world, allowing Sam (and who's added to the BBS) to see BT's dark figure. May be? Who knows.

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