Mountune Ford Focus RS Compress Hot Hatch 513bhp

The new M520 MRX upgrade was a dramatically performance UPS package for less than £6000, while a cheap 444bhp option

Mountune has taken the Ford Focus RS to a whole new level of performance with two new packages - the more powerful one amplifies the hot hatch's 513bhp output.

The new packages sit atop the well-established Ford tuner Focus RS, with an extensive list of changes including the removal of the existing turbocharger's 2.3-liter EcoBoost group in favor of BorgWarner's "special" use.

In a smaller powered 'M450' package priced from £2950 - the new turbocharger allows for an increase of 49bhp over the previous M400 package - up to 444bhp, with 428lb ft of torque. Both figures are significantly higher than the recently released (and much more expensive) Mercedes-AMG A45.

As well as the new Mountune turbo is a high-speed sports catalytic converter and downpipe exhaust along with other ancillary upgrades to be installed at Mountune's headquarters in Brentwood, or can only be ordered online.

But this is only the beginning; The M520 package uses BorgWarner's more advanced 'RFO 7163' turbocharger, along with an uprated fuel pump, camshafts and valvetrain. The recalibrated ECU allows this package to take on the 2.3 liter engine with 513bhp and 516lb ft.

That command set has a minimum £tag price of £5975 and requires significant internal engine modifications that are said to reach production levels of “safe and reliable” but will void the vehicle's existing warranty, unlike some Mountune upgrade packages.

Mountune doesn't quote performance times for the package, but with the latest puts out around 100bhp more than the fastest production hot hatch you can expect a 0-62mph time, well under four seconds.


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