Tim Cook opposes US-China tariffs

Apple's CEO told US President Donald Trump that tariffs planned against goods made in China would have a negative impact on the company.

Devices such as the iPhone famously be developed by Apple in California, assembled in China on the back, then the cost of the company's Cupertino products would be affected if tariffs were imposed.

Tariffs on some products, including AirPods, Apple Watch and HomePod are set to go into effect in September with MacBooks and iPhones to follow later this year, but Cook believes he introduced US President Donald Trump with a "Good Deal" that plans were damaged.

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Apple in China

Cook argued these tariffs not only affect Apple's economic contribution to the US, but also Samsung's main competitor advantage because it will not be subject to the same tariffs.

“I thought he was very persuasive, so I thought about it,” Trump was quoted as saying.

A timely reminder to the US president, Apple released new claims last week that it is supporting as many as 2,4 million jobs in the US and is on track to directly contribute £350 billion to the US economy by 2023.

Across the supply chain, Apple says it has 9,000 suppliers in the US, spending $60 billion and supporting 450 jobs. He says 000 million jobs rely on the app for an economy partly stimulated by mobile.

In addition to the financial contribution, the firm claims that it drives innovation and quality standards across the board due to its high demands.

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