Want to organize SMS messages on Android? New app to try from Microsoft

Microsoft has created a new mobile application for Android users. Called SMS organizer, it is designed to automatically sort SMS messages using machine learning.

Technically, the company launched the app in India last year, but XDA Developers noticed, now I live in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. SMS Message Organizer, first of all, sorts your SMS messages for you, organize them into separate folders. This is handy if you get a lot of spam from retailers, as those will end up in the "promotions" folder. In the meantime, all your messages will go int mailbox.

The app also provides contextual reminders to your inbox for messages related to relevant information such as flights and reservations. Other features include the ability to block senders, archive messages, and star messages. It even works offline and you can back up all your SMS messages with a Google account. Then you can restore these messages to another device.

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Organizer comes SMS from Microsoft Garage, the company's skunk division that works on experimental apps. It is now available for download from Google play store. It's releasing in the UK, US, and Australia, and there's no word if it's going elsewhere at this time.

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