Aston Martin DBS Volante 2019 UK commentary

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante 2019 UK first drive review - hero front Aston removes the roof from its GT super coupe to create the Schaffhausen DBS Volante with over 700 horsepower and a price tag of almost £250,000. Could this be one of those, how much is too much?' things. Ever wondered what a 715bhp grand touring convertible would feel like? Interesting, no more. This is Aston Martin DBS Volante Schaffhausen. I guess Aston can agree with the phrase 'Grand Touring Cabriolet'. Schaffhausen dbs, in coupe form at least, it's more of a super-gt than a regular Grand Tourer - that's the difference between the two I think - so it's meant to be more sporty than a regular GT car, which is the DB11 role is meant to be filled. However, they are similar and the V12 DB11 SCP has already flipped through quickly and completely super. So could create more differentiation between models - something Aston had trouble reaching with the previous generation of cars - will have to wait until the SUV and mid-engined cars arrive. Meanwhile, in mild form, the DB11 was only possible with an AMG-sourced V8 engine, not the homegrown db version 12. Imagine, then, a Ferrari removing the roof from the 812 superfast and you get an idea of ​​what Aston is trying to do with the DBS Volante. The V12 from Aston is twin-turbocharged and has a displacement of 5,2 liters. It drives the rear wheels through an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission - different from the one in the DB11 - to handle the extra torque. The numbers are pretty crazy. 715bhp DBS at 6500rpm, but there's 663lb ft of torque available from 1800rpm only, assuming it's not an engine, you'll have to work really hard. If you do, it hit 62mph in 3,6sec and go to 211mph even with the roof down, in the unlikely event you want to try that. At speeds less than 30 miles per hour, it is possible to draw the electrically operated roof up or down while you are moving. Open the hood or trunk and you will see that many decibels are made of carbon fiber. Even so, the DBS Schaffhausen, or 'superlight', weighs in at 1863kg. It's a big car, remember. And it costs $247,500 ahead of the right.

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