Jaguar and Land Rover are planning to beam 3D movies into your eyes while your car drives

Jaguar and Land Rover are developing a system to project a 3D image directly in front of drivers while they are driving.

The technology will be used to project augmented reality directions and warnings in your line of sight, avoiding the need to take your eyes off the road to check your next move, giving you advance notice of oncoming obstacles.

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As ships become fully autonomous, JLR says the system can turn a car into a mobile cinema, projecting 3D movies to keep you occupied while it takes you to your destination.

Details of the technique itself are still lacking, but the company claims the system will work without the need for glasses (a clear advantage for driving) and will track heads and eye movements to ensure visuals remain in your line of sight.

Didn't you entertain?

JLR isn't the only company contemplating ways to keep us entertained once cars are able to roam the streets on their own. Tesla is busy adding games and apps that will keep drivers busy while in their cars to recharge, and ultimately provide entertainment on the go as well.

Audi, meanwhile, is developing the Holoride car 3D platform, allowing passengers to enjoy a gaming experience that factors into car motion. This should help combat motion sickness, which can be a serious problem for in-car entertainment.

JLR doesn't make any specific reference to motion sickness, but seems to be certain it's a crack in the BP car. "In a fully autonomous future, 3D displays will offer users a personalized experience and allow ride-shareholders to independently choose their own infotainment," the press release said.

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"Multiple passengers traveling together would be able to enjoy their own choice of media - including travel details, attractions or movies and optimized where they sat."

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