Likely McLaren 750LT trials at the Nürburgring

The 'long tail' version of the 720s category is expected to come out next year, as previously stated by McLaren boss

McLaren is said to be preparing a faster, lighter 'long tail' version of the 720s category for next year's launch — and a new prototype caught testing seems to confirm this.

While this test mule looks at first glance like a standard 720s category with a few telltale changes including Gurney's flaps and a significantly larger front splitter. Although the traditional long-tail extended rear end - found on models such as the current 600LT - is not featured in this early mule, an extended spoiler wrapped in foil suggests engineers for such body modifications before they are completed.

McLaren has yet to confirm whether or not it will use the 750LT name for its long-tail model, but earlier this year, company chief executive Mike Flewitt said a car that power gain from S to LT would be “at a minimum” so much that turned 570S into 600LT. As such, 740bhp (750PS) figure is expected.

However, he also stated that the engineers are struggling to shed the 100kg now expected from the LT model, “because we made the 720s category as light as we could in the first place”. The McLaren is expected to still be able to extract a significant amount of weight, however.

Woking's firm is also struggling to find an aesthetic way to incorporate the top exhaust exit seen on the 600LT into the body category 720s - something this prototype lacks. This assumes that a decision has not yet been made.

The production limit has still not been decided for the model, which could arrive in the middle of next year. “Part of me wants to keep it open like a Porsche with its GT models,” Flewitt said, “but we maight limit it to something like 750 in every coupe and Spyder].”

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