British Airways buys 15,000 iPhone XR models for flight

Apple won a major new customer: British Airways.

The airline recently revealed it bought 15,000 iPhone XR models. Unfortunately, they are not for the passengers, but instead for his crew. The new phones are part of an effort to give flight attendants better ways to deliver a personalized customer experience, and this follows a trial in which flight crew chiefs received new iPad models on every flight.

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British Airways has said the PPC iPhone will come pre-installed with apps that will allow its crew to offer personalized assistance during the flight. For example, the crew will be able to view customer information from phones, including the passenger's previous flights and food preferences.

British Airways offer this example of a crew member using an iPhone XR:

“Recently, when a client realized they had forgotten to order a special meal, they were very impressed when I quickly pulled out my phone, went to, and ordered food on the way back—all within minutes of mid-flight. It was such a pleasure to be able to resolve the situation for the client immediately. All of my crew referral guides are also downloaded to my phone, so everything I need is in my pocket during every flight; it really has already made a huge difference.”

While this seems like it will certainly provide valuable information to the crew members so that they can deliver top notch customer service, no one can help but be cynical and wonder if this also means that the crew will now be spending most of their time. looking at phone screens while actually interacting with passengers.

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