Google's stripped back go search app is now available for worldwide download

In 2017, Google launched a stripped back version of its Android operating system for emerging markets like India and Brazil, where patchy webs are a real problem. Androids come with the giant's own suite of lightweight apps, including Google Go to Browser, Gmail, Go to Mail, and Go to Photos Gallery to work on entry-level devices.

However, Google Go is no longer limited to emerging markets – the app is now available on the Google Play Store worldwide, allowing more Android users the opportunity to take advantage of the data-saving app.

Google Go weighs in at just 7MB and uses less data and processing power than a regular Google app search, making it ideal for those who either don't have a lot of storage on their device or don't have bandwidth to spare.

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Search smart

Since its launch in 2017, Google has added features to the Go app to make it more attractive to emerging markets. Last year, Google rolled out Reader, which you can read online text aloud.

Earlier this year, the tech giant also added Google Lens functionality to a simplified version of search (which is what increased the size of the app from 5MB to 7MB). This feature uses the camera to recognize text anywhere in the real world, which the app reads aloud - important to anyone with reading deficiencies.

The app also supports voice, GIF, and image searches, and is available right now on the play store for users running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

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