Updated 2020 Bentley Bentayga May Get Overhaul Technology

Bentley Bentayga facelift prototype spy shot - front Bentley will bring an SUV in line with the Continental GT and Flying Spurs next year, as the first prototypes appear

Bentley will be updating its best-selling model - the Bentayga SUV - next year to bring it to zero with the latest models, and camouflaged prototypes are already rolling out.

While not quite long in the tooth, the Bentayga has been around since 2016 without any significant styling or technology upgrades. Since its launch, the new Continental GT has come onto the market, while the latest generation of flying spurs will arrive at dealers shortly.

In order to ensure the Rolls-Royce Cullinan rival has not left behind both its competitors but its siblings, the change in appearance will bring it in line with the latest brand. It's too early to tell how big it will be, but expect a redesigned grille, fresh bumper and tweaks to light front and rear.

Just how significant the overhaul inside will be. The current car's infotainment system is often criticized for feeling outdated, next to the cheaper siblings from Audi and Porsche, so priority will be to bring in the latest system from the Continental GT and Flying Spur. A fully digital instrument display is likely also a feature, while a number of active safety technologies are to be expected.

The flagship W12 engine is expected to get an upgrade to improve efficiency, but don't expect anything dramatic in the rest of the range. The V8 is relatively new, while the six-cylinder plug-in hybrid model is not yet on sale after a long delay.

Question marks remain for the diesel model, which was officially dropped from the firm in 2018. The change in fuel attitude was scolded for its removal even then, but sister brand Audi has since introduced several larger capacity branded diesel models to its range. Expect to see more details appear early next year.

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