Whatever you do, don't put Apple's titanium cards in your jeans or leather wallet.

Remember Ringgate? Well, Apple's next controversy could be Cardgate.

Pocket Lint discovered in 2018 that the silicone base on Apple's HomePod smart speaker leaves white rings on solid wood furniture. The story exploded overnight and became an international controversy. Now it looks like Apple may have faced a similar discoloration fiasco. This time, it's about Apple's titanium cards. No, a credit card won't ruin your leather wallet, but it will rather get dirty.

Apple's new Goldman Sachs secured credit card is released to iPhone users in the US this week, and according to web page support seen earlier, we learn that Apple card has a quirk for this. Apple is directly warning users not to store their Apple cards in a leather wallet or even denim because such fabrics will be dyed into the metal and won't wash off. Here is what Apple writes:

"Some fabrics, such as leather and denim, can cause permanent discoloration that won't wash off."

Apple's titanium cards are laser-etched metal with a white finish, which Apple has achieved through a "multi-layer coating process that is added to the base titanium material." However, if metal comes into contact with it, it can become scratched. And by the looks of it, if you put it in your jean pockets or leather wallet, it can become permanently pale. Now, this is one very fragile card.

Apple has asked customers to store it in a soft material, and not to come into contact with any metal objects. He also recommends cleaning cards with a slightly damp microfiber cloth using water or isopropyl alcohol. “Do not use window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean Apple's titanium card,” Apple is recommended.

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I won't lie, this all sounds very extreme for credit cards.

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