AMD promises in Navi GPU for everyone, from effort, budget to its killer Nvidia rituximab

AMD believes that its new graphics technologies built on the RDNA architecture will touch every part of the gaming industry, from mobile phones through set-top boxes to cloud streaming and willpower the full range of Radeon graphics cards from low cost to high performance GPUs.

This is AMD's final statement in the RDNA document, boasting that the architecture is scalable for various gaming platforms, with the original Navi (5700 receiver) video card being just the first step.

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There are no real fresh revelations in this article, but there are definitely some interesting observations and statements. And one of them, as seen PC GamesN, dram is conviction that: “The RDNA family will eventually grow to include the power of limited smartphones and tablet processors, game consoles, cloud gaming services, and a full range of gaming graphics cards from low cost to high performance, bringing the RDNA architecture to millions of devices and people all over the planet."

The last part, underlined in the statement, is the expectation that AMD will Navi graphics cards to cover all bases, from wallet-friendly graphics cards through products that compete with NVIDIA's top offerings of the GeForce RTX series.


As you may be aware, recent chatter from the GPU vine includes rumors that AMD will be offering discounts on RX 5600 graphics cards (and maybe RX 5500, too), with that perhaps not too far from launch.

And on the other end of the scale, AMD's CEO has already confirmed the high-end Navi GPUs are on schedule, even though this timeframe release may be we don't know.

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The most recent piece of speculation claims that the Navi-23 - a graphics card dubbed 'Nvidia's killer', aiming to take over the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti - will be in mid-2020. It will likely be based on the RDNA 2.0 architecture, the next step from the original incarnation of the technology that current RX 5700 models are built on.

Therefore, it would seem that the pieces of the puzzle are gradually falling into place, and AMD's assertion that it will offer graphics cards from “inexpensive for maximum performance” hump it all. Perhaps we can expect budget models in the near future, followed by big gun(s) emerging in summer 2020 (probably around the same time the company introduced its first Xe graphics card - which will no doubt be interesting).

Whatever you have planned on the PC front, we can expect AMD to make its presence felt in graphics in next-gen consoles, cloud gaming projects like Google and Stadiums, and in smartphones, with Radeon RDNA technology to be included in Samsung phones, perhaps by 2021.

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