Autocar Heroes: The Greatest Porsche GTS - The New Cayman GT4 From Meets RTS GT3 And GT2 RS

Autocar Heroes Porsche video thumbnail What is the best Weissah-designed Porsche of the last decade? Is it a 911 - or is the new Cayman GT4 off to take top honors? We recognized

Porsche has been making GT cars for 20 years, and its latest offering is the 2020 Porsche Cayman GT4 from its mid-engined sports car, which returns with a naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine. Praise.

But while it's Grand Cayman, just how good is it compared to other excellent Porsche GT's in auto?

We brought in two of the best: the 997.2 RS GT3 3.8-litre, one of the best Porsche 911s to ever have a license plate, and the 991 GT2 RS, with a 700hp twin-turbo six-cylinder making it Porsche's most powerful sports car to date.

What's better? And is there anything about the way Porsche GT drives the drive that ties these three cars together? Join us, we'll find out.


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History picture of Porsche GT in auto

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