Opel Corsa-e will be the first rally electric customer car

Opel Corsa-e Rally- front Vauxhall brand brother builds sub-£46,000 hardcore Corsa-e rally to take part in one-make German racing series

Vauxhall's sister brand, Opel, has released a rally variant of the new Corsa-e electric hatchback, making it the first major manufacturer to offer customers an electric rally car.

Called the Corsa-e Rally, the model will be available for purchase from Opel Motorsport, from the German manufacturer, claiming a sub-£46,000 tag price.

The cost represents a nearly £20,000 increase over the £26,490 starting price of a standard Corsa-e. Stock model saves 50kWh battery and 134bhp unit, 192lb ft Electrical engine production option.

A spec rally suspension has been fitted and the body made slightly wider and taller, with a 2mm longer wheelbase. Some technical details have been revealed, but it is also expected to be significantly lighter.

In terms of design, the Corsa-e Rally bears a strong resemblance to its production counterpart, differing only in the FIA-approved tow straps, lightweight representation of alloy wheels and conspicuous sticker package.

Rally Corsa-e will compete in the 2020 ADAC Club Opel e-Rally Cup, a one-make series of electric races that will host 15 young riders.

The model will make its international debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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