These leaked sketches show an enigmatic scam on the phone, maybe the 5G 7T Pro?

The scam is likely in preparation for the launch of the OnePlus 7T Pro smartphone, but a new leak has us wondering if another device is coming out too.

Reporter Evleaks shared some sketches of what some believe could be in the OnePlus 7T Pro. Redditors sketches have been suggested for several weeks, but we cannot find proof of them elsewhere. In any case, they are not very well known and they give us more questions than answers.

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First, the thumbnails show the phone with a huge circle on the back for the rear camera. We can also see buttons and possibly a slider for the warning Sweep to the sides. As for the bottom, there seems to be cut out holes for speakers and a USB-C port.

We also have this image of some prototype OnePlus smartphone device from last year (notice how similar it looks to the phone in today's sketch):

So why are all these leaks so obscure? Let's go back for a few weeks...

Coincidentally, it recently confirmed this planning for a second 5G phone for the fourth quarter of 2019. He did not say what device it will be, but with OnePlus debuted on Divorce 7 Pro 5G, 5G is its first smart phone, just put May. Now, keep in mind, Please also tends to push out in the middle of the 'appliance' cycle every year. For example, the Divorce 6T debuted about six months after the OnePlus 6.

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Sprint also recently revealed that he will soon be wearing an unnamed 5G device from OnePlus. (Sprint's 5G network is live in five US cities and is expected to expand to Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Washington, DC.) Sprint said the new 5G handset will be the fourth 5G device it carries. Neither Sprint or Smartphone OnePlus has said much more about this device, but we can't help but wonder if it's part of an all-new phone range.

Of course, these drawings are most often depicted as rumored scams of the 7T that have been depicted on leaks, and it may be heading towards sprinting us as a 5G device. But, the fact is that the design of the phone in the sketches is very different from the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone, which has a triple camera setup arranged vertically. Again, the mystery of the phone in today's leak is instead of a large circle on the back.

It would be very unusual for a 5G-enabled OnePlus 7T Pro smartphone to look so different from the still-new 7 Pro.

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