Audi to present AI: in the footsteps of the Quattro electric SUV in Frankfurt

Audi AI: Trail

Audi AI:track

The off-road car will be the fourth in a series of electric concept cars from Audi

Audi will present an electric off-road concept car called AI: in the footsteps of the Quattro at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

The firm released one teaser image of the machine, and simply described it as an “electrically driven SUV.” The picture shows a buggy-like four-seater, sitting on large off-road tires, and with large glass elements on the side doors. The use of the name Quattro confirms that the car will be all-wheel drive.

The car completes the quartet of electric concepts that Audi has released that show different visions of the future car. They started with the Aicon concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, an autonomous vehicle designed for long-haul cruising between cities.

What followed was the PB18 e-Market, a low-slung sports car that is most likely a preview of the next generation P8. The latest car was AI:ME, an autonomous ready-to-go city car that showcases the future of an electric sunroof based on the VW Group meb electric vehicle platform.

AI: Tracked Quattro appears to have a compact size similar to Ai-Ya, and can also use meb platforms. That architecture is already in use for Volkswagen ID buggy SUV, demonstrating the production potential for an electric version of such a car.


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