Disney Plus will serve up to 4K and four streams per account

And with the November 12 launch date approaching, we're hearing more details about how Disney Plus will work. Today's tip: Sign up and you'll get access to four simultaneous streams as well as 4K content.

That's for a base $7 subscription fee, according to CNET, which makes it a very attractive proposition: for four simultaneous streams and 4K with Netflix, you have to fork out $16 each month (although you might prefer Mindhunter to The Mandalorian).

Another option on the table is Disney Plus, Plus, like ESPN and Hulu for a total of $13 per month, but you only get two concurrent ESPN channels plus streams and one hula stream on top of the original Disney packaging.

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In a meeting with Disney executives, CNET says new episodes of its original series will be released weekly - we're not seeing the same drop in a few episodes we're doing on Netflix (and which makes it all watch non-stop).

Is the price correct?

Disney, of course, will want to work hard to tempt people to add Disney Plus subscriptions to Netflix or instead of Netflix – and it seems like aggressive pricing would be one way to do that.

As Netflix has shown, prices can go up at any moment, so Disney might see fit to adjust those price points after it's gotten enough people to sign up. With Apple launching new TVs and movie service this year, the competition is heating up.

It's actually Disney Fan Expo D23 this weekend, so expect more Disney plus news on the wire - Disney has also confirmed that Obi-Wan show returns to service, and released the first trailer for Mandalorian.

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Although some questions still remain, including if the service is going to start rolling out outside the US. We're no doubt here more as the release date approaches.

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