Pagani CEO: “We will build V12 in the world until 2026”

Pagani Zonda Cinque driving - front

Cinque was supposed to be the last Zonda, but then more special

The 2022 Huaira successor will sit next to the firm's first all-electric model, while the brand doesn't rule out an SUV

Horatio Pagani, founder of Italy's most extravagant hypercar maker, has confirmed that the all-electric hypercar - however the highly regarded V12 engine will be sticking around for some time to come.

Pagani is a person who has always found it difficult to say "NO" to his clients. His first hypercar, the Sonda, had his retirement dragged on for years as wealthy buyers, including Lewis Hamilton, begged for the chance to buy one.

We are now facing what is meant to be the latest version of the BC Roadster bosses, although Pagani himself admits that the plan could and will slip through.

“It is planned that the production of the latest model,” he told the car. “But I also listen to some private collectors who are asking, maybe for one-offs or limited editions, which will probably extend the lifespan a little more.”

Pagani remains ultra-exceptional even by the standards of Italian hypercar manufacturers, producing around 40 cars a year. But the company's profitable and always long-term planning approach, with Pagani saying work is well advanced on this Huairas replacement - known internally as the C10 - ahead of a launch scheduled for 2022.

“This next model will have a similar philosophy. It will be a traditional internal combustion engine, a new generation Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V12 engine,” he said. “We have a very close relationship with Mercedes already and this new V12 engine will be homologated until 2026.”

Pagani is also working on an EV, which will be developed with the same core architecture as conventional hypercars. “The C10 will have a regular B12 but at the same time it will be an all-electric car,” he said. “It's not going to be the same platform. It will be changed."

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Horatio Pagani reported the change in the company's customer base was an integral move towards electrification as well as environmental legislation. “In the beginning, our clients tend to be European car collectors in their 50s and up,” he said. “Now the median age has dropped significantly and we have many younger buyers in Asia Pacific and North America and Silicon Valley.”

Outside of 2025, Horatio Pagani said the brand could do something radically different and he even admitted plans for an SUV were being considered.

He said: “If I had to come up with a Pagani SUV, it would need to have a price tag of 3 million euros or higher to be in line with our current strategy. We do not know if there is any market for such a product, but there may not be any compromises. If there is a Pagani badge on the vehicle, it must be of the highest quality. But this is something that has already been discussed several times with collectors.

“We would have access to Mercedes-Benz technology because they make SUVs, and because of the close relationship we enjoy, we could use a large SUV platform. This is something that was in the back of my mind, but the path from concept to reality for something like this will be a long one.”


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