Apple feature pauses 'walkie-talkies' for iPhone

Apple is reportedly working on a feature that would allow iPhone users to send messages to each other without cellular coverage - such as when going uphill - but it has been put on hold for a while.

The feature, called Walkie Talkie, is claimed to work over the 900Hz radio frequency spectrum, whereby messages can be sent between iPhones over long distance radio waves rather than cellular networks.

He said to be different in the walkie-talkie feature that Apple offers on Apple Watch. The Apple Watch feature Apple Watch allows users to talk to each other like you would a walkie-talkie, but it requires Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity — which the iPhone walkie-talkie feature didn't expect.

According to informationApple is working on a walkie-talkie radio feature for the iPhone with Intel relying on Intel modems, but Apple is expected to use Qualcomm processor modems from 2020, which may be one of the reasons for the facility's suspension.

Apple's executive host of the project - Ruben Caballero - also left the company earlier this year, which is considered another reason for canceling the feature now.

Nothing was said about security risks - which was the reason for Apple's walkie-talkie watch feature to be suspended on devices for a couple of weeks in July 2019. The Walkie Talkie feature on the apple watch is back and working again now.

It's currently not clear if the walkie-talkie feature will start again for future iPhones, if it works on the iPhone, or if the feature has been suspended permanently.


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