Hostinger website resets customer passwords following violations


Web hosting company Site Hostinger has disclosed that it has experienced security breaches that affect both its platform and users.

The company showed in its блоге that the hacker was able to access the internal server, where he found the authorization token for the internal API. The hacker then used it to make "API calls affecting customer information".

According to the Hostinger website, the hacker made API calls to a database that contains the personal data of about 14 customers with their names, IP addresses, first and last names, and contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses. Information about user passwords is also stored in the database, but fortunately it was in a hashed format.

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Following a security incident, the Hostinger website decided to force password resets for all users whose accounts were down as the company tries to figure out which of its customers were affected.

Security breach

The hacker did not get any financial data were not able to compromise the support sites on the Hostinger site.

After the security breach, the company created Page where customers can see up to the minute updates on the extent of the incident. The Hostinger website also said it broke the server and the API was taken down.

The company provided further details on the steps it took following the blog security breach, saying:

“Following this incident, we identified the origin of the unauthorized access and took the necessary steps to protect our customer data, including mandatory password resets for our customers and systems across our entire infrastructure. In addition, we have assembled a team of internal and external forensic experts and data scientists to investigate the origin of the incident and strengthen security measures for all operations of the Hostinger site. As required by law, we are already in contact with the authorities.”

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