How to Survive a Quarter Life Crisis (The Complete Guide)

Is there such a thing as a quarter life crisis and could this be the reason you are experiencing a lack of happiness and fulfillment in your life or career right now? According to popular psychology, a quarter life crisis, a crisis "accompanied by anxiety for the direction and quality of life", which is most common in the period from the twenties to the mid-thirties. ((Wikipedia: quarter life crisis)) it usually occurs after we have finished our school and study, when we have settled in everyday life, often at major points or life changing events, when we feel that we are at a crossroads. We know that something needs to change, but we don't know what or how to start. He may feel confused and lonely. The good news is it's a completely normal experience. With some understanding and small steps, you can gain clarity and direction on the path ahead. First, it is important to understand that you are not alone. LinkedIn surveyed thousands of 25 to 33 year olds; data showed that 75% experienced a quarter-life crisis with an average age of -27.((On LinkedIn: new LinkedIn study shows 75 percent of 25-33 year olds have experienced a quarter of a life crisis)) Our twenties and thirties are not at all the same as before. Right now there is so much pressure for people in this age group including highly qualified careers, secure relationships and possibly a family. The prospect of having your own home becomes important, but each year seems to get even further away from being achieved, which puts additional pressure on your income, employability, and career choice. Personally, I have experienced both a quarter of a life crisis and a midlife crisis and there are similarities between both. The change that was brought about for me was just a difficult life-changing event, because I did not understand what I was experiencing and how to change it. In hindsight this is a wonderful thing, and I sometimes wish I had conclusions then that I have now. When you become aware of what you are experiencing and acknowledge your feelings as completely normal, change and transform flows with greater ease as you begin to take steps to find new direction, happiness and fulfillment. Here you will find what I consider to be a complete guide. It contains all of the basic steps I have outlined in order to clear your path forward and move through this period of your life with more confidence.

1. Stop Comparing Your Own Crisis Quarters of Your Friend's Life

Comparing yourself to friends and colleagues, noticing their life choices and accomplishments can make you feel inferior and it increases those feelings of stress and anxiety. You only have to hop online for five minutes and scroll through the news feed to see pictures of couples with kids, careers and life announcements and they all seem to be far more satisfied than you are. The truth is that often what you see is not real and they may be going through their crisis behind the facade too. This means that you could compare yourself to something that doesn't exist. What's the point in that? If you want to make it easier for yourself, stop accessing social media platforms. You can remove apps from your phone so you have to physically sign in. If you need to access a particular platform for work or business, stay away from news, even unsubscribe connections, while you've been working through that period of your life. When you stop comparing, you will notice that the pressure will decrease and you will feel more comfortable in your current situation. This allows you to change the unfold at your own pace.

2. Everyone must let go

If you hear yourself say, “I have to” or “I have to,” you are trying to live your other people's life. And now that you know this, you will be amazed at how often you use this language. The fact is that trying to live according to other people's patterns will never bring you true happiness or satisfaction. Even the use of this language brings a sense of self-esteem and stress, even unrelated activities. And as time goes on, continuously living in this way, you begin to feel that your life is not your own; and you will behave deeper into the crisis as your self-esteem suffers. If you hear yourself using this language, stop in your tracks. Explore where the thought even came from and who said you have to do it this way. Letting go is about judging yourself by someone else's standards and starting to think about what you really want instead. When you let go of all the “I should” and start to replace them with your “I want”, you will notice a feeling of lightness as your self-esteem rises again.

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3. You understand what is important to you

Once you start letting go of what you thought should be important, you create space to get clear on what is important to you. Most of the time, like most people, you live your life unconsciously and without noticing what is really important to you. This means that it will be difficult for you to make choices that will illuminate you from within. Dr. John Demartini, long time educator and international expert on human behavior states in his book factor valuesthat true motivation and inspiration is present when we fulfill our values. And, when we live by our sincere and most important values ​​is when we are our most fulfilled. This means it's important to get Ultra Clear on your most important valuables. You can do this by simply looking at what you are putting in the most of your time and energy at the present time, and the moments in your life when you feel most fulfilled. These moments can be at any point in your life, and may even mean having to go back to childhood memories. As you become clearer on what is important to you, you will be able to gain even more clarity on what you want for you.

4. Change Your Environment

Feeling stuck can often be exacerbated when we stay in the same place because our environment can have a huge impact on our state of mind. And, when you are in a stuck state of mind, it can be hard to see the past that you have in your life right now. This does not mean that you have to sell all your belongings and go live in the ashram for a year, although that may be what feels right for you and if it's okay. You can get the same benefits when you go on vacation, go on a long weekend, or just take a few day trips to nature, the forest, or the beach, where you can feel a real connection with your own identity. When you change your environment, you can change your state and your thinking. You bring yourself to focus on the feeling of dissatisfaction with your life right now, and hurry up thinking about how your life could be.

5. Enter the dream number and ask yourself “what if?”

There have been many wonderful stories created in the dream room. Walt Disney has been called one of the most amazingly creative, and as you may know, one of the most successful people of the 20th century. The techniques he used for all of his creations are still in use today. Each of his creations began in a place called the Dream Room, a place where everything is possible, where nothing is too absurd, where there are no limits and no solution. It was a place for brainstorming or dream storming as it was called.((Thinking about Walt: Walt Disney is the man, and what made him one of the most remarkable and creative personalities of the 20th century.)) I always feel like calling her a “what if” number, which is the place where you ask yourself “what if?” questions. This is the place where you can create your own outrageous wish list of what you really want. It doesn't have to be a physical number, it's the number you go to in your imagination. This sleep space is vast and the expansion can be increased when you change your physical surroundings by moving to a place outdoors where you can see the horizon. Find your space, arm yourself with a journal and pen, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What if something was possible, what would I do and what would I create in my lifetime?
  • What if life was exactly how I wanted it to be, how would it look and how would I feel about going through?
  • What if I had no fear, what would I seek?
  • What if I can't fail, how can I see myself doing it?

Like you did when you were a child, when you knew without a doubt that anything is possible, dreams. When you accept this and allow yourself to dream, you will begin to create the most captivating picture of your next chapter in life.

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6. Be patient and let go of control

People spend a lot of time trying to control how their lives develop and if you are trying to rush this dream process, you will find it hard to get the clarity you are looking for. Learn to be patient, remember that Rome was not built in a day and you create your own empire whatever you want for you. This means that your dreams can be created in one day, two weeks or even a year. However, it takes a long time to make it good for you. Many of the answers you are looking for are locked up in your subconscious, you have already forgotten over time, while you may have focused on life the way you thought you would. have live. When you start asking the right questions, your answers start to come little by little and often come when you least expect them. Carry a notebook with you or record your voice on an app on your phone. Even keep a laptop on your bed when you first wake up in the morning.

7. Ditch your perception of life to always be perfect

Even if we create a breathtaking vision, we can guide you in our own way, our fear of things is not great. We see failure before we even start and decide to do something that powerfully illuminates us from the inside, because this is not an ideal time. Before we know it, years have passed and we are still in the same place. This could cause an even bigger crisis in the coming years. Life is always going great for us, the problem is our perception of perfection is imperfect. Over the years, we have achieved perfection, so everything is really not. As a society, we have chosen to see perfection, how things always line up perfectly, no mistakes, perfection, always getting the right result and the results we want. Here's the thing: it's absolutely true. Life is happening perfectly for you all the time. This means that all the mistakes you make, all the results you don't want and not getting it right the first time, are perfectly timed for you. As you make these mistakes, the lessons and growth you receive are vital to getting you the life you truly want in the long run. If at any point you feel like your need for perfection, you may be holding yourself back from the comfort of knowing that no matter the outcome, it's going great. You will be exactly where you need to be so that you end up living the life of your dreams.

8. Make a stand for you

Often, when we make decisions about our future, we may find those closest to us the object of our plans because they want what is best for us; they want us to be happy. The point is that what they think will make us happy is not necessarily what will actually make us happy, because their dreams and values ​​are different from ours. This can often make us wary and delay the implementation of our plans because we don't want to disappoint them. This suggests something amazing a mentor once said to me, he said: "dogs only bark at things they don't understand." To me, this means that if a dog is barking, they are not entirely sure what is going on, and in this uncertainty, they sense danger. Your loved ones are exactly the same. They don't understand where you're going because it may be that they don't know themselves. Or maybe it reminds them of a past experience of their own where things didn't quite go the way they wanted. They won't be disappointed in you when you've made a stand for what you want. They just love you and want to protect you. Proudly make a stand for you and your dreams. Reassure them that you love them and you will have everything going on because life is always going on for you and you are grateful for their support in the life you have chosen.

Final Thoughts

After all, no one else's life, desires or dreams can bring you happiness and fulfillment; only what is important to you and that you can actually do it. By being patient and kind with yourself as you move through what may be a life-changing period, you will feel this moment of crisis end and make it clear exactly what your life will glow.

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