iPhone 11 walkie-talkie features rumored - but it's probably already canceled

Apple is working on an interesting feature for the iPhone 11 (or perhaps mobile 12) according to the report - but we're only now hearing about it, which the company has apparently made its own adjustments.

According to informationReferring to "people familiar with the project," Apple is working on a walkie-talkie-like feature. Not to be confused with the walkie-talkie on Apple Watch, this would allow users to send text messages to each other, even in places where there is no cell signal.

Instead, the feature would work over long distance radio waves, and there would be no restrictions on how the message could be transmitted, making it essentially like a text-based version of a walkie-talkie.

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Ostensibly known as the OGRS project (for off-grid radio services), it's not entirely clear why now, apparently, but there are two obvious possible factors. For example, the executive apparently for this (Ruben Caballero), left Yabloko.

Second, the feature will obviously use Intel for modems, but Apple will still return to Qualcomm modems from next year, and looking ahead will probably make its own.

It's not clear if or when development of the facility will be resumed (assuming this information is even correct), but it might make sense for Apple to now wait until it starts building its modems, as it doesn't tweak tech twice (the first moving to Qualcomm and then independently). In this case, we could wait at least a couple of years.

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