Mario Kart Tour: release date, price, platforms and everything you need to know

Nintendo's mobile games library is expanding with a smartphone version of its most beloved game series after Mario's platforming itself.

The Mario Kart Tour will be the first for the company's longtime racing franchise to make it to a non-Nintendo platform. It's only on phones and tablets, and it gives us a great opportunity to see what to expect.

We have gameplay video footage, pre-registration details and more. That's when everything you need to know about Mario Kart mobile will be.

Mario Kart tour release dates

After several delays, the Mario Kart Tour will be available to download and play through September 25, 2019.

It was previously promised for March 2019, then "summer", but at least the wait is about to end.

mario kart tour game

The game was first announced via Twitter in early 2018, with a simple logo introduced.

Now we have gameplay footage. You can see several key locations in the official video below.

You can also check out a separate teaser video that the game only works in portrait mode and is meant to be played with just one hand (on a phone). The swipes and presses will control the steering and drifting.

Locations in the game will include Mario classics such as "rainbow" roads, but also tracks based in major world cities including Paris, Tokyo and New York.

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Other game features include various, collectible drivers, karts and gliders. Plus, there will be special game events in different time periods.

Mario Kart platforms tour and pre-orders

Mario Kart Tour will be available for iOS and Android.

You can pre-register for each version on the respective app stores, with iOS versions available for pre-order here And the Android version is here.

Mario Kart tour price

One aspect of Nintendo's other mobile game Super Mario that has been heavily criticized is its business model, but we expect Nintendo to follow the same pattern with the Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo describes the new game as "free to start," but there will be plenty of in-app purchases.

We don't yet know if major purchases will be required to unlock the game for a few beginning tracks. If so, then Super Mario costs £9.99 to unlock the rest of the game after the first demo world, so you might expect similar costs.

Mario Kart Tour Join Nintendo

As well as the pre-registration pages for each format, you must also register for a Nintendo account before you can play (unless you already have one).

It's free and you can do it ahead of release. Just head to to sign up.

If you already have a Nintendo account (for example, if you have a switch or play another Nintendo mobile game), then you don't need to register again and will simply be able to enter the Mario Kart tour on release.

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