Windows 10 can still snoop on user data

The Dutch Data Protection Agency (DPA) has raised new privacy concerns about how Windows 10 collects user data following an investigation in 2017.

In its initial investigation, Privacy Watchdog found Microsoft's operating system to be in violation of local privacy laws as it collects metadata telemetry. The company made changes to how Windows 10 operates last April, but in reviewing those changes, the Dutch DPA found new cause for concern.

В press release In announcing their findings, the Dutch dpa noted that Microsoft has actually improved privacy protections for its users, although the agencies have also found new instances of personal data handling that require further investigation, saying:

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“A follow-up review to an investigation by the Dutch Data Protection Agency (Dutch GIA) in 2017 found that Microsoft has improved privacy protections for Windows users. However, the Dutch dpa has also discovered new, potentially illegal, cases of personal data processing. So she turned to her Irish counterpart to conduct an additional survey into the privacy of Windows users.”

Windows 10 privacy issues

While the Dutch DPA launched its investigation before the GDPR went into effect, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is now Microsoft's main EU privacy regulator as its regional headquarters is based there. That's why the Dutch agency reached out to the Irish data center with its latest privacy surrounding how Windows 10 collects data about its users.

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The Irish Data Center will now be in charge of investigating the case, in addition to other cases against tech giants that are suspected of violating the GDPR. Under the GDPR, companies found to be in violation of the rules can be fined up to four percent of their annual global turnover.

The Dutch DPA advises Windows 10 users to pay close attention to privacy settings when installing and using Microsoft on the latest version of Windows, saying:

“The Dutch dpa advises users to pay close attention to their privacy settings when installing and using Windows software. Microsoft has permission to process personal data if the consent was given in the right direction.

The Irish Data Center's investigation of these new claims may take some time, but the question of whether Microsoft is collecting more data than necessary on its users will eventually be heard.

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