Bugatti won't accept request for special projects, says boss

Bugatti Centodieci-front The £7,4m Centodieci Society-run hypercar project was instigated by Bugatti designers, not the wishes of a wealthy collector

Bugatti doesn't join the likes of Ferrari in building one-time discounts for specific customers, according to the person responsible for such projects.

The full house Centodieci, unveiled at California's Monterey in Car of the Week, reaffirmed Bugatti's commitment to modern coachbuilding. It was made for collectors, not them, and the automaker doesn't deviate from that approach. Told the car Pierre Rommelfanger, head of the Bugatti one-time and several projects, why.

Rommelfanger and his team travel to car locations around the world to satisfy Bugatti's most important customers and listen to their feedback. These conversations often provide companies with inspiration, but Rommelfanger emphasized that his team ultimately decides what to build. He wants to make sure that each one - or several - from the project fits perfectly into Bugatti's strategy.

He excluded the acceptance of applications from customers. So even the wealthiest collector can't travel to Molsheim with a suitcase of money and drive home the four-door, Dakar-ready Chiron sport of his or her dreams. Achim anscheidt, Bugatti's chief designer, echoed Rommelfanger's comments.

“Of course, as a designer, I can easily get my head around saying yes to [client requests]. As a general structure of the company, I think it might be a bit of a challenge for Bugatti just to get the job done. Just putting one prototype-ish car together and then giving it to people would be too irresponsible,” he told us. “It sounds so exotic and outrageous, but it’s actually, in reality, easier said than done.”

Bugatti claims that it has no problem putting a few of his designs' cars into private collections. They are loyal to their customers. They buy a car without first driving it, knowing that they will have to wait at least two years for delivery, and they are completely confident that the brand will exceed their expectations.

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Eclipses of supply and demand companies constantly queue buyers. Rommelfanger has revealed there is a line of collectors willing to buy Divo in the event that one of the 40 original booking holders cancels an order for any reason.

Bugatti introduced the Divo in 2018 and presented two special designs in 2019 to celebrate its 110th anniversary. Rommelfanger said it will be difficult to maintain this pace in the coming years. “Now we have to bring these cars to customers,” he said. The firm will begin deliveries of Divo in 2020. La Voiture Noire will move to its new home in 2021 and Centodieci production will start in 2022.

This does not exclude additional special projects. Rommelfanger believes coachbuilding is an important part of Bugatti's heritage and an equally significant part of its future. The fact that it has recently been able to sell 51 single-and-multiple-of-cars based on the Chiron proves it's well placed to put a modern spin on decades-old coachbuilding industries.


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