Hisens TV range 2019: author, OLED and more

What to do Hysens? The Chinese manufacturer has long had a reputation for affordable TVs, speakers, and various home appliances, though its rise in the TV space has shown that there's a lot more to the brand than just low-end tech.

From ultra-thin models, forays into 8k and projector-TV hybrids (you heard me), Hysens is proving its strength of innovation in a rapidly evolving marketplace where manufacturers are forced to compete with new form factors such as Samsung's or LG's modular screens in slab LEDs. .

Add to that a plethora of superbly cheap TVs – as well reviewed by the Hisens A6200 – and you have a teapot TV competing on all fronts with real value for premium picture technologies such as UHD resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) shooting, even if you should not see these features at their best.

That's nowhere more clear than with the new Hisens OB8 OLED display that has come to the UK coast, which offers the tremendous visual prowess of an OLED panel as well as budget panel handling issues - and at the lowest price of any OLED TV on the market.

To keep you up to date with the latest Hysens sets, we've put together this guide to every 2019 Hysens TV this year. But if none of them catch your eye, don't worry: we'll be sure to update this list as more sets are announced in the coming months.

Hisense technically owns the Toshiba brand TVs and handles sharp licenses in the US, although a sharp set to bring it back before 2019 comes out – though we'll focus here on TVs flying the 'Hysens flag'.

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TV Hisens Technology 2019

Hisense TV living room

Image Credit: Hysens

So what can you expect from Hysens?

For all the bells and whistles listed here, Hysens is a budget brand. You may not get the same hardware guarantees or chic designs as with the likes of Panasonic or LG, but in particular you usually get a decent cut below the competition.

Hisense's main slogan is NEED, or 'Ultra Seed'. The NIR TV does not have an LCD LED panel, but does use a metal quantum dot filter - like Samsung's view on QLED TVs - to enhance contrast and clarity. Hysens also provides its sponsored presets toss in motion performance enhancement and local dimming (for precise brightness control) so you get all the upgrades over the rest of your TV range.

Hysens is also the latest TV manufacturer to invest in OLED display, premium panel technology at the moment: after launching its first OLED TV in Australia last year, Hysens O8B has already landed on British and European shores.

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There's been chatter this year on CES 2019 EXPO about Hisense new deposits xD display technician, which goes better with a dual-layer panel (essentially a 4K color display with a high-definition black and white screen hidden behind it), to improve brightness and dynamic range - though we'll see which models announced the new technology.

Hisense also has a TV band laser cutout, which uses a triple-beam projector to produce vibrant colors on a TV screen using the entire IOP-P3 color space. Do you need a TV and a projector, not just one? Maybe not. But for those who can afford it, the laser TV spectrum offers something different.

In terms of smart TV platform, Hysens uses a variety of user interfaces, including the brilliantly Roku TV - although it advocates its own VIDAA platform for field-branded sets. Every NIR TV this year will feature version 3.0 of ViDAA, with full Alexa voice command integration, compatibility with Google devices and automatic detection of other home devices such as game consoles or 4K and Blu-ray drives connected via HDMI. Hisense also promises "boot times[s] nearly twice as fast as Hisense's 2018 models."

Hisense Sonic One (2019)

Hisense Sonic One TV

Image Credit: Hysens

Sometimes less is more. The Sonic Hisens television is only 1,1 inches at its thickest point, without having to outsource processing or speakers to an external system. It is thanks to the speaker's piezoelectric design that pumps sound from the panel itself rather than through a traditional cone driver. No sizes or prices have yet been announced, but expect it to cost a pretty penny.

Hisens TriChroma laser TV

Hisense TriChroma Laser TV

Image Credit: Hysens

Is it a TV, projector or hybrid? Hisense's TriChroma TV basically projects three color lasers onto a blank TV screen, and covers the entire IOP-R3 color gamut. Expect some sort of 4K resolution and HDR, although not one of the dynamic HDR10+ or ​​Dolby vision HDR shooting formats, even for the very high price.

You can now snag a 100-inch model in the US for $9,995 (UK) on Amazon, with a built-in Harman Kardon audio system (there's a 120-inch model too). In the UK, this is equivalent to £10,999 sounds richer, with JBL supplying the audio components instead.

Hisens OLED TV

Can Hysens compete with big-name OLED retailers such as LG, Sony or Panasonic?

We'll soon find out how Hisens' first OLED TV has now made its way into the UK and Europe. Formerly retailers like Series X in Australia, H55O8BBUK should have the deep blacks and rich color gamut we've come to expect from OLED TVs, with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision to boot.

Selling for £1,599 (around $2,000 / AU$2,900), that's the price of last year's LG B8 OLED, and will be one of the cheapest ways to get OLED panels in your home. Let's see what we thought in our Hisense OB8 OLED TV review

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Hisense 2019 TVs NEAR

Hisense U9F TV

Image Credit: Hysens

Hisense U9F quantum dots (2019): in Hysens 75U9F is a 75-inch quantum dot screen with Android TV, and more than a thousand local dimming zones to store more than 2200 nits of peak brightness in check. Feature-wise, that puts the U9F on par with Samsung's Q9FN QLED, which debuted in 2018 and became one of the best TVs last year.

The U9F launched in June, at a steep $3,499 (roughly $2,740, AU$4,999). Comes with Dolby Vision and built-in Google Assistant.

Hisense H9F TV

Image Credit: Hysens

Hisense H9F (available in 55 and 65 inch models): more affordable versions of the above, but with only 150 dimming zones and 1000 nits of peak brightness. The H9F is a 4K UHD package costing $699 (about £525 / AU$979) and $749 (about £656 / AU$1,049) respectively on the 55 and 65-inch models. Comes with Dolby Vision too - but keep an eye on our incoming commentary.

Hisense Roku TV R8

Image Credit: Hysens

Roku TV P8 (available in 55 and 65 inch models): can hysens beat tsl 6 series roku tv? Roku is a superior smart TV platform and Roku TV R8 from Hysens is the first time it has been combined with Hysens' panel technology in NIRO. Available late 2019 for $600 (about £526 / AU$840) or $750 (about £656 / AU$1,049) for 55" and 65" models. See our Hisense Roku R7 comment to see the previous model.

Hisense H8F TV

Image Credit: Hysens

Hisense H8F (available in 50 inch models): same panel as above, but with a more standard Android TV platform instead. However, you get Alexa compatibility and Google Assistant integration right from the start. Now available in 50" for $400 (around £350 / AU$560) and 65" for $750 (around £656 / AU$1,049) .

Hysens 2019 UHD and HD TVs

Hisense TV 2019

Hisense H65 UHD TV (available in 50 inches): a step down from cities, no quantum dot panel, wide color gamut, or local dimming. You, however, get the base HDR (HDR10), and a 50-inch 4K UHD display for just $349 (about £307 / AU$490), or a 75-inch display for $1,199 (about £1,053 / AU$1,683). Launch at the end of 2019.

Hisense H5 HD TV (available in 32 inches): For those who want something on the small side, the ultra-cheap X5 launches in May in 32 and 40-inch models, priced between $169 (around £148 / AU$237) and $249 (around £219 / AU$349) respectively. You only get 1080p full HD, but you won't spend much on that.

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