Apple's new program certifies independent repair shops to repair your iPhone

Apple has announced a new repair program that will mean you can head to the DIY Repair Store page to fix your iPhone warranty rather than having to go to an official Apple store.

Sure, you can already go to an independent shop to fix your broken iPhone display or replace your battery, but under the new program, all independent shops — no matter how big or small — will have access to genuine apple parts, as well as the same tools. , training, repair documentation and diagnostics from both Apple Authorized Service Providers.

According to Jeff Williams, Apple's COO: “When a repair is needed, the customer needs to be confident that the repair is done right. We believe that the safest and most reliable repair is one performed by a qualified technician using original parts that have been carefully designed and thoroughly tested."

Independent repair shops don't have to pay to be part of the new program, but they will have to have an Apple-certified technician within their business to perform repairs.

If they are part of the program, an independent repair shop will still be able to offer a choice between a XNUMXrd party and a genuine Apple part to fix your device, presumably there is a price difference too, but at least the selection of a genuine part will be there for you to choose from. if you want it.

When using genuine Apple, Apple requires independent workshops to return the core failed part to Apple in order to be responsibly recycled.

The new repair program will be launched in the US, but Apple plans to expand it to other countries.

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