Model Tesla X long range 2019 UK comment

Tesla Model X Long Range 2019 UK first drive review - hero front Tesla has upgraded its SUV air suspension and made the engine more efficient, but is it still a standout luxury EV? Tesla has slightly updated its brutal Model X electric SUV. Not something you could tell by looking at it, mind you, because all the changes are under a fairly broad, visually sophisticated exterior. The headline is a revised powertrain. Tesla says the focus has been on improving the efficiency of the permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor by optimizing things like cooling, lubrication and gear design. For those of you who appreciate this sort of thing, the result is an efficiency rating of 93% - which sounds really good. For the rest of us, that means there's more range (315 miles during the WLTP test cycle), more power and more torque - 415bhp and 487lb ft to be exact. The air suspension has also been upgraded. It now features fully adaptive damping and improved control software that can better predict how these dampers should respond to road surface, vehicle speed and driver input. And that's Tesla, if a new version of this software comes out, it can be downloaded and installed wirelessly - smart enough. Model X can now charge faster too, so it should have its battery up to 50% faster than before when plugged in to one of Tesla's last superchargers.

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