Super ring video doorbell 2 to £139, save £40 and get a free echo dot

Ring is one of the successful smart home revolutions, with its video calls providing a simple solution that allows you to see who's ringing the doorbell when all those supplies start arriving.

The ring, now owned by Amazon, once discounted the best smart doorbell at the end of the summer sale.

Doorbell ring 2 comes down to £139. It's down from £179 giving you £40 savings - today is only the last day on the discount and you can also get a free Echo Dot here at Amazon.


Ring Video Doorbell 2 is very easy to install thanks to the fact that it doesn't require you to wire anything to make it work.

It comes with a battery that lasts about a month (depending on how many visitors you have or how sensitive you set your motion alerts to) and it can easily be installed in your door or door frame.

The Video Doorbell Ring Pro has also been reduced by £40, now costing £189 (was £229). It's great for anyone who runs a doorbell, but the pro version provides a slimmer package as you use your existing wires and bell with the same functionality as other bells.


Finally, the camera view door ring has a 22 percent savings for £139. It works by replacing the peephole of one's door, opening up a ring of more homes that previously weren't able to enjoy having the connected door open - due to the need to drill.


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