What's inside Steve Jobs' Apple Theater

Located on one of the highest parts of Apple Park in 175 acres of landscaped gardens, the theater, like the Apple Store's 5th Avenue, rises from the ground like a glass temple giving a bit further away to what lies underneath.

The building - designed by Norman Foster and Apple chief designer Jony Ive - is a huge round glass house that stands 6 meters tall and spans 50 meters in diameter. The columnless design sees the metal carbon fiber roof smoothly hover in the air.

With polished floors and a polished metal roof, the California sun glitters on the ceiling and plays shapes through the dozens of trees planted around the theatre.

Enter through large glass doors and you are led up to two curved staircases made from the same Castagna sandblasted and hand carved stone railings on the walls, similar to those used at the Regent Street Apple before revealing a 1000-person plush theater.

The Steve Jobs Theater is just one of the many buildings on the site. There is a visitor center for people to shop and drink coffee. In this particular Apple store, visitors will be able to use AR to see the campus in all its glory.

The auditorium itself seats about 1000, and the first was the launch of the iPhone in 2017, when we saw a new debut for the iPhone X.

The theater foyer has no columns supporting the 73-ton roof - it's all supported by the glass surrounding it. It is the largest glass-supported structure in the world.

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