19 school supplies to brighten up a student's day in 2019

Ahhh, school days. The time when students are busy preparing for exams and studying for essays. Students often don't have time to take care of their daily needs, whether it's shopping for groceries, replacing daily items, or buying something fun for themselves. We've put together some amazing content that will make any high school or college student happy to receive. See which items remind you of your student.

The class is in session

High school and college students can have quite a stressful life depending on the number of classes they take and the upcoming events in their lives. You can help them by providing everyday items or fun items they couldn't make for themselves. Just keep in mind that many students don't have much space. You want to send them things that will be useful without cluttering up their dorms or apartments.

I highly recommend sending Amazon's pantry food package such a fun sort of package. It provides a combination of cookies and crackers to satisfy both salty and sweet cravings and there are 50 snacks in all. High school students will enjoy the treats and students will find this a pleasant surprise as they usually cannot buy many snacks for themselves.

Know what coffee fiends are? Give them the caffeine boost they crave with Death Wish Coffee, the world's strongest coffee. These grounds have been enjoyed by thousands of coffee lovers, have a bold flavor and are USDA certified organic. If you want to supply them with a different type of energy, consider this PowerCore 10000 PD anchor. It's a super practical, portable battery charger that they can use to charge their smartphone, tablet, headphones, or other electronics as they rush from class to class.

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