55 Best Technique Hacks Ever

There are a huge number of techniques related tips and tricks out there that can completely simplify your daily routine and make your life much easier overall.

For example, Apple's charging cords for iOS devices and Macs tend to crumble after a few years of wear, which means you'll have to spend money every few years to replace them (if you don't take care of them, they'll catch fire). and destroys everything you have and love). Well, we know a great hack that will prevent your Apple cords from falling off in the first place. We're not even kidding.

In fact, we know stacks of various hacks - and each one will either blow your mind and make you wonder how you ever survived for so long without them.


Improve your WiFi signal

If you're looking for your home WiFi is a bit odd, then it might be because you're having some interference from your neighbor's wifi interfering with yours. The wireless analyzer app can be the answer to your problems. This app scans frequencies and makes recommendations for the best channels to use on your network to avoid duplication. The result is increased WiFi speed with much less hassle.

Download YouTube videos

You can download any YouTube video by simply typing "CC" before "youtube" in the video part of the url link in the address bar. Here's an example of an unfortunately Justin Bieber music video:

  • Original - www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRh_vgS2dFE
  • Download - www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=fRh_vgS2dFE

Not only can you choose from various file types, but also any resolution up to the original quality. Just remember, downloading copyrighted content from the internet is illegal.

Proof of your writing with ease

If you are writing an essay or a long piece of content and need proofreading, using google translator is one simple solution. Just enter text and press the speaker button to hear it read aloud. This will help you easily find errors in the work and check its meaning.

Find "nearby" on Wikipedia pages

Want to know more about your area? Wikipedia has a neighborhood tool that surfaces many different pages about places and things that are near you. Just go to this site, give permission to access your location, then you will see a list of Wikipedia articles based on where you are. Handsome.

Search YouTube without going to YouTube

Searching YouTube has never been easier than this trick: when using the Google Chrome browser, you can type YouTube.com in the address bar, then press Tab, and search YouTube directly from the address bar. Gone are the days of actually going to YouTube to find something.

This little trick works from other sites too. You can search Amazon, Netflix, and even pocket yummy right from the address bar.

Browse » TV » Desktop version of YouTube

We all love a distraction-free, user-friendly browsing experience when using a web page from a desktop computer. Well, you'll be happy to know that YouTube has a "TV" desktop site that allows you to play videos without seeing all the junk on normal YouTube pages, such as comments. Just go here to access it.


YouTube video pause shortcut

We think little tricks are fun, too. For example, when you press the K button or the spacebar while watching a YouTube video, it will pause or resume playback. How neat is that? And it works no matter where you last clicked on the page.

There are other keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press J to rewind 10 seconds
  • Press L to fast forward 10 seconds
  • F puts you in full screen
  • Takes you home at the beginning of the video
  • M mute
  • Up and down arrows, volume up and down

Hide people on Twitter without blocking them

The Twitter Mute button is a little-known trick that is heavily understated. This allows you to keep track of your score, but hides your tweets and retweets from your timeline.

It's an easy way to get someone off their Twitter without unfollowing them and offending them. They'll never know when you turn them off! Just click on the settings menu on the right of someone's profile and then select Disable. Easy and casual.

Log out of Facebook remotely

Privacy tips are always worth mentioning, especially when it comes to Facebook considering everything and their mother uses social media. Have you ever checked Facebook on a strange device and then realized you forgot to sign out?

Don't be afraid - you can still log out remotely. Go to "settings", in the dropdown menu on your Facebook, select "Security" and select "when you are logged in".

From there, you can see all open sessions and close any of them.

Back to the Apple TV home screen…quick!

Have you ever found yourself clicking on things to watch and realized you were 30 menus deep? Well, you're not alone, but instead of pressing the Menu button on your remote repeatedly to get back to the Apple TV home screen (like most people do), just press and hold one button. Menu button, actually. It's so obvious.

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Now you can avoid the dreaded finger-cramp.

Take a selfie with your Apple headphones

Your Apple headphones double as an iPhone remote camera. To take a photo using your headphones, point your phone, then press the + button on the Apple Headphones remote while the camera app is running. You can also use the play/pause button in the middle to remote start/stop video recording in video mode.

Audio streaming from Safari while using other apps

You can play streaming audio from websites (such as YouTube or SoundCloud) in the background while using other mobile apps. All you have to do is play a song or video in safari, then go to the desktop and swipe up from the bottom to access the Control Center. From there, press the Play button. Then you will be free to multitask.

Use Preview to Create a Digital Signature

If you have a digital document that you need to sign, now is the time to finally use App Preview on Mac. Instead of printing documents for signing, you can open the menu in view mode, select Notes > Signature > Manage Signatures, and Capture Signatures, a dialog box will appear. Just use YOUR MOUSE to draw the signature you can save/paste into any document.

Here is a good tutorial for more details.

Use Spotlight search as a calculator

You'll never have to use a calculator with this trick for as long as you've had a Mac: use the command (⌘) + space to do quick calculations in Spotlight search.

Use emoji on desktops

If you thought emoji were limited to mobile devices, think again. You can use them on your desktop.

For Mac: Press Control+Command+Space to get the emoji menu.

For PC: The latest version of chrome has an emoji menu. Just right-click anywhere you can type and click "emoji" in the menu to open all available emoticons.

DIY cord/cable holder

Lego mini figures are perfectly shaped to hold your Apple lightning cords and other cables. Just stick a lego brick on your desktop, then attach the mini figs, and run the wires through his arms. Yes, you can thank us later.

Quickly dial back your last caller

Want to call back the last number dialed or called? The fastest way is to press the call button on your phone. He'll call his numbers there. There is no need to open contacts or call lists.

Never hit a full stop key

Who knew you never touch the full stop key on your smartphone? All you have to do is hit the space bar twice for a full stop and the next letter will be automatically capitalized. If you are using custom keyboard like would be nice, then you can program it to do other smart things like your suggestions predict too.

Use the keyboard to scroll on web pages

This trick may be well known, but we thought it was still worth including: use the space bar to scroll down on any web page. You can even hold down the Shift key and space bar at the same time to scroll up.

Easily look up word definitions on your Mac

Macs has a handy shortcut that will let you look up word definitions in a second. To search for a definition, highlight any word you see, then press Command+Control+D, and an information dialog box will appear.

Spelling, grammar and references

If you want a little extra help writing online then we highly recommend this add-on is not compatible. This tool gives you tips and tricks for grammar, spelling and general sentence construction that you do online.

You can even double-tap a word to highlight it and make suggested other words to use instead. There is a Google Chrome plugin to make sure you can easily edit text on any website you are on. And it's free!

Headphones as a microphone

Need a microphone but don't want to spend money on one? Easy.

Take any pair of headphones lying around, then plug them into the microphone jack, and start talking. This is not secret knowledge, but if you don't know about it, we think it will blow your mind. Of course the quality isn't amazing, but you can't have it all.

DIY cord protector

This is the hack we mentioned earlier to prevent your Apple charging cables and other cables from falling off: take a spring from a ballpoint pen, then stretch it out and wrap it around the part of the spinal cord that tends to bend and it will hold it right forever, thus stopping it from discharging for years.

Here is a good video tutorial that will show you what to do.


Quickly reopen a closed tab

If you accidentally close an important browser tab, you can easily reopen it by pressing CTRL+Shift+T on a Mac or Control+Shift+T on a Windows PC. This too can be used multiple times, so keep tapping to open any tabs you recently closed. It works even after you completely closed and re-opened the browser too.

Find direct music download links

To find a direct link to download music, search "[album title or song title] -inurl:(htm or html|php in|opu|txt) intitle:index.from 'last modified' operator (mp3|wma|aac| Flack).

This tells Google to show web pages that offer direct download links for the music you're trying to find. Here's an example for an album straight outta Compton:

Google search for this phrase: straight from Compton -operator inurl:(htm or html|php in|opu|txt), then intitle:index.of "last modified" (mkv|mp4|avi)

This is what Google will surface.

Choose one of the top links, such as this one, to get direct download links for the songs in the album.

Just remember, downloading copyrighted content from the internet is illegal. You are at your best with Spotify.

Find Direct Movie Download Links

To find the download direct link to the video, search for "[movie title] -inurl:(htm or html|php in|opu|txt) intitle:index.of 'last modified'(mv|mp4|avi)".

This tells Google to show a web page that offers direct download links to the movie you are trying to find. Here is an example for A Clockwork Orange:

Google search for this phrase: "A Clockwork Orange" - operator inurl:(htm or html|php in|opu|txt), then intitle:index.of "last modified" (mkv|mp4|avi)

This is what Google will surface.

Select one of the top links such as this one to get direct movie download links.

Just remember that downloading copyrighted content from the internet is illegal. You are better off using Netflix, Amazon Prime, or another video streaming service.

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Find out the best time to pee during a movie

It's just ridiculous... download the RunPee app for your iOS, Android or Windows device and I'll tell you the best time to go to the bathroom is while watching any movie so you don't miss an amazing scene or plot twist.

Find the cheapest place to stream a movie from

For those of you who are cable cutters, you'll love this site: canistream. It tells you where any movie is available to stream - and at the lowest price too.

No Internet? Play a game

When your internet connection and Google Chrome browser you can on the error page, press the spacebar to start the T-Rex game. At least you won't get bored while you wait to get online again. If you find your internet coming back and ruining the game, no need to worry, you can lead online here.

Google can help you learn

Whenever you have to study for an important college or high school exam, just google the site "education [topic] USE", and then you will get links to the T sample exam with solutions and that's it.

Here's an example:

Search Google for this phrase: site:exam food in python

This is what Google will surface.

Select one of the top links such as this one to see the test.

Converting wiki pages to books

You can render any Wikipedia page electronically in PDF, ZIM or Reader format, or order a printed book. This page shows you how to create a book from Wikipedia articles in four steps.


Use Google to Find Your Android

Google offers Android Device Manager, which allows you to find your lost or stolen device, but you can also Google "Find my phone" to find your Android device. Just remember, you must be signed in to the Google account associated with your Android.

Mobile device text by email

Don't have a smartphone? Well, that's weird.

But in general, you can still text mobile phones from your computer. All you need is an email account and a phone number and storage media. from there, use this site to find the email address associated with their carrier. Just remember to add your phone number and address and then you will have an email address for them so that you can send messages from your desktop.

Get coupon codes with honey

Download the honey add extension to your browser to instantly start saving money. It automatically applies coupon codes during checkout at any online store. Hooray!

Save money on Amazon with the first mobile managed marketplace

Here's another money saving tip: If you use Amazon a lot, make sure you start by taking advantage of the camelcamelcamel.com web page. It tracks products for you and alerts you when prices drop. It's also a great way to check if what's on sale is a really good price, or if it was cheaper before.

Convert YouTube video to GIF

Want to convert any YouTube video to GIF? Just add a gif before youtube in the url link in the address bar. Here is an example:

Original video — www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OVg8uov78I

GIF download - www.gifyoutube.com/watch?v=_OVg8uov78I

See if your email address is involved in a data breach

Again, we love privacy tips. We are sure you are too. There is an ingenious site known as HaveIBeenPwned.com. This site simply monitors your email address to alert you if and when it's in danger of a data breach. This also works retrospectively.

Any publicly shown hack that includes your email address will be highlighted using this tool. If you check it and find your email address in none of the lists, we highly recommend changing your passwords and using a password manager to keep things safe in the future.

Easily close any accounts online

Sometimes it is very annoying to close online accounts as the services will bury the option in the settings and help menu. Well, hello the site is called AccountKiller.com. It gives a step by step guide on how to delete online accounts from popular websites with ease.

Find the perfect login

Want to check if a username has been taken or is available on popular sites? Just use Namechk.com. It even checks domain names.

Browsing safely by checking sites first

Before you visit a suspicious site, Google "Safe Browsing: [site name]" and then select the link to this site to see a 90-day history of malware attempts on the site. Here is an example:

Google search this phrase: safe browsing: pocket lint

Google will surface these results.

Opt for Google is a safe browsing tool and you should see it.

Go to bed at the perfect time

If you're an insomniac, you'll love the site sleepyti.me. This will help you calculate the best time to go to bed and wake up for optimal sleep. The idea is that waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle leaves you feeling tired and thirsty, but waking up between cycles keeps you refreshed and alert.

This site works it all out for you - so you can wake up between cycles.

Determine how long a book to read

Those of you who are super efficient would probably like to know how long it will take you to get through a particular book before you sit down to start reading it.

Well a site called HowLongToReadThis.com realistically estimates the time it takes to read any book. And it's very accurate too, in our tests anyway.

Watch YouTube video age restrictions without registration

There is a way to watch any age restriction on YouTube without logging into your account. Just add "blogs" before "youtube" in the link url in the address bar.

Here's an example:

Original video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LZM3_wp2ps

Unlimited version: www.nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=6LZM3_wp2ps

Find your password

If you have asked Google Chrome to save passwords at any time, then you can open this password through the browser settings. The easiest way to get into the settings is by entering it in the address bar of your browser - Chrome://Settings/Passwords. You can then reveal the password for any site to use elsewhere.


Using WhatsApp on the Internet

WhatsApp is not limited to mobile.

There is a web app that syncs everything from your phone. If you have the Chrome browser installed on your computer, go to whatsapp to web pages, scan the QR code and follow the instructions on your phone.


Use Google to set a timer

Whether you need to keep track of a timer or an alarm to remind you to do something, Google is there to help. Just type "start timer" in the search engine to do it.

Online Image Editing in MS Paint

If you want to edit an image in Paint, you can copy it or save it from the web. But did you know, you can just copy the url of an image and "open" it in Paint when you paste the url in the filename into the open window? This will save a few seconds of tuning exactly.

Boost your ringtones

If your smartphone's speakers aren't up to scratch or you need a little more volume to get your morning alarm clock to help you get out of bed, then here's an easy fix. Pop your phone into a cup and what will you do to improve the sound gives you the feeling of more volume.

Turn your old phone into a DVR

If you have an old phone just lying around, then you could put it to better use by using it as a DVR. With a good charging cable, a screen mount and a dedicated app mode, you can create a brilliant dashcam device for little money. See the great guide HERE.

Fix everything with Sugru

If you have a fraying power cable that needs love and care, then Sugru - this is the answer. This Clay-ESK is a ductile adhesive that can be used for a variety of fixes including wire coating. There are many other uses for Sugru whether it's to fix or improve household items. We highly recommend taking a look at the list of ideas.

Hand over your old phone to a security camera

Much like a hack for turning old phones into Dashcams, you can also use an old phone as a smart home camera alternative. With a simple Manything app, you can put your old device to new use. A more complete tutorial on how to do this.

Create a QR code for your guests

This hack is a two-step process, but it's worth doing. After all, you should never give out your WiFi password. Firstly, visit this site and use it to generate a unique QR code based on your network details. Then visit Etsy for a QR code cross to really add elegance to the whole thing. Mounted in a frame, it will be something special.

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