Apple Watch Series 5: What We Want and Expect to See

Apple's next smartwatch is expected to arrive alongside the new iPhone, and there have been a lot of rumors surrounding it.

Here's everything we've heard so far about the Apple Watch Series 5, combined with what we want and expect to see.

What will be the next Apple Watch will be called?

  • Probably Apple Series Watch 5

Unlike the iPhone, Apple doesn't mess around with the clock naming structure. Since it was originally followed by Apple Watch Series 1, the company follows up with a consistent number each year.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the company's 2019 'smart watch' model can be expected to be called the Apple Watch 5 Series, replacing the 2018 Apple Watch 4 Series.

You never know though, maybe it will be called Apple Watch x, but we doubt it.

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Apple Watch Series 5 release date

  • 10 September 2019

Apple has announced its next event will take place on September 10, and the Apple Watch 5 series is expected to be part of a new line of models.

Typically, the new iPhones will be available for pre-order on the Friday after the event - which will be September 13th - followed by an on-sale date on the Friday after September 20th. It is not yet clear if Apple Watch will pursue the same release structure.

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What we want and expect to see on the next Apple watch

  • Focus on fitness - additional features
  • Battery Life Improvement
  • Always On Display
  • Smart straps

The Apple Watch Series 4 made some big changes in terms of display. The overall style and shape remains the same as the original watch, but the Series 4 offers a lot more screen in similar footprints.

So we don't expect major design changes for the Apple Watch Series 5. Instead, we expect 2019 to be more of a 'with' year of watching, allowing the iPhone to snap up the spotlight. The Apple Watch has the same form factor since it was first introduced, so we'd be surprised to see this change, especially this year, but hey, you never know.

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What we expect, but it's more for health and fitness, perhaps taking on the likes of Garmin with more advanced features like rhythm tracking for example. Garmin also do a great job of letting users share their runs or activities, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Apple take a leaf from this book. Let's see what Apple announced on watchOS 6 already below.

We'd like to see battery improvements to match other smartwatches on the market like the Samsung Galaxy Watch and we'd also like to see Always On Display for the Series 5 as well as roaming. It would also be great to see Apple Watch unlock more. Rather than just being able to unlock your Mac, perhaps it could act as your office key card too, for example.

Other features could include things like smart straps, third-party support for watch faces, a camera, and face ID, although we suspect the latter two are wishful thinking rather than plausible additions, mostly due to the lack of space for sensors.

What's new in watchOS 6?

  • Suitable for Apple Watch Series 1 or later
  • Has its own app store
  • Plus features of women's health

The next generation Apple Watch software was announced in June 2019 and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that will come with the Apple Watch Series 5. There is an app store, a move towards Apple Watch for not relying too much on your iPhone.

There are new watch faces, as you'd expect - a new gradient face, a digital face and more, and it's also possible to make a clock to alert you at the start of the hour. The new noise app warns you if sound levels are too high around you - it's designed for those who regularly go into noisy environments where there is the potential for gradual hearing loss after prolonged exposure.

That is the cycle tracking function, which will enable women's watch straps to track the menstrual cycle. You can also make predictions about fertile times. This will be available in the App Health in iOS, so you don't necessarily need Apple Watch.

Finally the new Apple Watch apps for voice notes, calculator and audiobooks as well and the calculator will be able to split the bill and work out tips.

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Apple Watch Series 5 rumors: what happened?

Here are all the rumors and news so far surrounding the Apple Watch Series 5.

August 29, 2019: Apple will unveil the new iPhone at the September 10 event

Apple has sent out invitations to its latest event on September 10, 2019 at Apple Park in Cupertino. A new iPhone is expected at the event, along with a new Apple Watch, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

You can read all about how to watch events in our separate function though.

August 22, 2019: Apple iPhone 11 pro, watch Series 5 and AirPods 3 details revealed in new report

A report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman revealed a number of details regarding Apple's new devices, including what's expected in the coming hours.

According to the report, the next Apple Watch won't change much in terms of design, with a focus on the watchOS 6 software system instead. This is not to mention the new case finishes that were previously suggested in rumors though.

August 21, 2019: Apple's new filings reveal dozens of unreleased iPhones and Apple Watches

Apple has filed several unreleased products with the Eurasian Economic Commission, including four new Apple watches and a dozen iPhones.

The filings don't give much information, but they can support rumored titanium and ceramic models in both the 40mm and 44mm sizes, or they can refer entirely to different models.

August 19, 2019: Apple Watch 5 series may come in titanium and ceramic models

Some leaked watchOS 6 assets will indicate we could see the return of a ceramic case as well as a new titanium case for the Apple Watch 5 Series.

The assets have been detected by iHelpBR and they show the animation that appears when you first create an Apple Watch. Titanium and ceramic cases, as mentioned on the 40mm and 44mm variants. Of course, this may be a new option material for the Series 4, but we are putting them on the 5 Series model.

August 5, 2019: Apple Watch may use an in-display fingerprint sensor

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will introduce an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor in the 2021 iPhone, but he also said the technology could be used in the new Apple Watch too.

Currently, Apple Watch has biometric security, but the fingerprint sensor in the display will allow it to offer without changing the design.

June 3, 2019: WatchOS 6 confirmed

Apple announced a new version of its Watch software that will come to the Apple Watch Series 5 when it launched - see above.

April 3, 2019: OLED screens ordered for Series 5

Reuters reported that Apple has asked Japan to show up for the supply of new OLED screens, which are expected to be for the next generation of Apple Watch. No details were given, although provided.

February 26, 2019: Testing sleep tracking for Apple Watch

Bloomberg reported that Apple is already testing sleep-tracking technology for Apple Watch, although this is not expected until 2020.

January 16, 2019: Three big health features rumored

Companies quickly reported that Apple has hired many doctors and engineers to work on health functions for Apple Watch, which include blood pressure, blood sugar or diabetes, sleep management and tracking or science.

May 8, 2018: Apple round watch patent approved

A patent for the circular screen technology has been approved, after they were originally filed in January 2016. Filing said wrist wear, leading some to speculate, is coming circular Apple watch.


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