Epic Games Store snatches up to eight exclusive indie games

Epic Play Store has announced that eight new indie games will be available exclusively on the store. The games were announced as part of the PAX West 2019 Showcase, and include highly anticipated titles such as Ooblets and Wattam.

The announcement that these indie games will be exclusive to the epic game store continues the company's strategy of grabbing exclusive rights in a bid to win over customers from competing stores such as Steam.

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The Epic Game Store's habit of making exclusive games has been quite controversial in the past, with some games, such as Subway Exodus, being made exclusively for the Epic Game Store even after pre-orders have been accepted at competing stores.


So, which was announced as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store?


Ooblets is a cute looking farming game that encourages players to farm, grow and train ooblets as well as explore the oob world and take on other trainers in dance battles.

The creators of Ooblets announced the epic game store exclusivity earlier this year, and, unfortunately, the announcement was met with a lot of hostility.

Hopefully things have calmed down a bit now, and the announcements of even more epic play store exclusives don't evoke the same level of anger.

No Direct Roads

В no straight road, which is also available on PS4, you play as an indie rock band that combines visuals and audio to create a truly unique game. Directed by Wang Hazmer, lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV, and along came Dziauddin, concept artist for Street Fighter V, it looks determined to make something really different.

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Sewer Garden

Sewer garden is an indie first-person puzzle game that wants to “rethink physics” and “explore the infinite”, which are definitely noble goals.

Highly dependent on M.C. Escher's size-bending work, this will be a visually stunning game when it launches.


Superliminal is a puzzle game based on optical illusions. This is an inventive debut from the pillow game castle and we're excited to give it a try to see if it lives up to its potential.


From the mind of Keita Takahashi (creator of the cult game Katamari Damacy and noby boy boy), Wattam looks just as nutty and adorable – just like Takahashi's previous creations, focusing on the joys of friendship and discovery. It can be very special indeed.

Alto collection

Combining Alto's adventure and Alto's Odyssey, Alto's collection brings the popular mobile game to PC, with great graphics and addictive snowboarding gameplay.

Airborne Kingdom

Mixing citry management and intelligence, Airborne Kingdom looks like cyberpunk simcity. Which at least one makes us very excited to get our hands on this game.

Eternal Cylinder

Eternal Topper seems to be doing something completely new with the popular survival genre, in which players can control a herd of alien Trebhums as they explore a strange new world.

Exclusive how long?

As we touched on earlier, the Epic Game Store's practice of making the expected PC games exclusive has been quite controversial. However, many of these games will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store for a certain amount of time.

Garden Collector developer, William Chyr, tweeted that the game will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store for 12 months.

Epic has been almost ruthless in its quest to win over steam customers, and encourages developers to make their games exclusives to Epic Games - the store doesn't just pay for exclusivity, but also offers developers a generous 88% of the revenue from their games' sales - a much larger share of the profits by comparison. with the fact that the valve is opened from the games sold on Steam.

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Still, there are players out there who aren't happy with being forced to buy their games from the Epic Game Store, as many argue that the Epic Store (which is still in its infancy compared to some of its better-known competitors) has no competition.

However, the other argument was that the money from Epic is helping to get these indie games on the market by offering financial security to developers - something that develops indie games isn't always a guarantee.

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