Free Xbox One Games List September 2019: What's in Xbox Gold Games This Month?

Each month on Xbox One and PlayStation you can download and play a selection of free games as part of your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Aether is more than just free games, though. It also gives Xbox One X's, Xbox One's or even original Xbox One owners a chance to play their games online and discounts on many of the electronic games in the Xbox Store.

UK membership usually costs £17.99 for three months or £49.99 for a full year membership when paid up front. Alternatively, you can choose to pay monthly for $6,99 per month.

In our opinion, the best way to subscribe is through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For just £10.99 per month, you get an Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox Game Pass with access to over 200 games to download and play, plus the game will run on PC with over 100 titles on Windows 10.


Here are the free Xbox games with gold lineup for September 2019:

Hitman: The Complete First Season

  • Available 1 to 30 September 2019

The brilliant Hitman reboot is available in its entirety as part of a Gold game this month. This means that all episodes you can play for free. Check out our review here to find out why this is one of the most significant games in any library.

We were here

  • Available September 16 - October 15, 2019

Here we are a tricky puzzle/escape game that teams you up with a friend or a random person online in order to work together to get out of the old, trap-laden castle. Get ready to speak your way through the adventure as communication is the key.

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Earth Defense Force 2025

  • Available 1 to 15 September 2019

The EFR series has always been great for big, crazy action and 2025 is no different. The Ravegers are back to invade once again and it's up to you to stop them with your character choosing from four different classes.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  • Available 16 to 30 September 2019

A great entry into the Tekken beat-'em-up series, Tekken Tournament 2 adds a lot of features, formulas including improved tag and mechanics that keep the action flowing no matter which fighters you choose.

Earth Defense Force 2025 и Tekken Tag Tournament 2 there are Xbox 360 games that have been resurrected using backwards compatibility.

One of the last month free games, Forza Motorsport 6, will continue to be available for download until September 15, 2019.

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The last two games are also available to Xbox 360 owners who have an Xbox Live Gold membership.

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