Google researchers find iOS security hole has been left open for years

Google researchers have discovered a vulnerability in iOS, the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, that has not been patched for at least two years. The problem was quickly fixed by Apple earlier this year when the issue was brought to her attention.

There's a lot of information about the feat from the UK Ian Beer Google Project Team Zero to zero blog, but in fact there was a problem with the default browser safari.

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When you visit one of a small group of malicious websites, the exploit will track activity on your phone and enable the site to fawn over personal information.

“There was no purpose of discrimination,” the post says. "Just visiting the hacked site was enough for the server to use to attack your device, and if it was successful, installing monitoring implants."

Malicious beer sites are estimated to receive thousands of visitors a week.

While the problem was immediately fixed by Apple, it highlights just how much such a problem can slip through even the most rigorous test. It also shows why you should always update to the latest software on your devices.

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