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Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019 road test review - hero front
Is this new compact four-door coupe better handling perspective than its predecessor? With all the low-key new cars that, over the last couple of decades, Mercedes has pumped up its sales volume and lowered the average age of its customers, the CIA four-door coupe might not come to mind as the most significant of all. You're a North American car buyer, although perhaps spring absolutely front and center as such. Because while the latest generation, the original from the CIA was not the most familiar sight on British roads compared to an A-Class or even a GLC crossover, it was the first compact front-wheel drive Mercedes to hit the American market when it landed there in 2013. Not long after, he was described by Mercedes regional bosses as the firm's most successful product launch in 20 years. Over a six-year life cycle, the CIA has racked up an impressive production of around 750,000 global units. Mercedes is rightfully expecting equally big things from this second generation CIA, then: with "big" becoming the word can be applied to cars in more than one way. Growing up between the axles and overall, this car is now longer than the current C-Class sedan, and also has a trunk larger than its better-mounted saloon. Like the original CIA, it aims to replicate the design appeal more with the CLS four-door coupe at a more affordable price and using the latest Mercedes MFA2 platform as the basis, shares, engines, cockpit architecture, suspension hardware and more with the current A-class and B-class. Unlike the latest CIA, the car strays from the correct kind the start was more clearly distinguished visually from its hatchback attitudes and drawing more efficient design parallels with the current CBS. But what is there, if anything, under the skin to raise the car to a higher class to go? Let's find out. The Mercedes CLA range in CIA glance The range is extensive even after Mercedes UK decided not to include the entry-level 180d diesel and 250 4Matic all-wheel drive and others. . Shooting brake bodywork will cost you £45 more than a coupe. Price £1000 power 36,630bhp torque 221lb ft 258-0mph 60sec 6.8-30mph in fourth 70sec fuel economy 8.2mpg CO33.6 emissions 2g /km 139-70mph 0m (Wet)

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