Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to finally launch on September 6 in Korea

Samsung has already announced that it will be releasing an improved version of its Galaxy Fold smartphone in September, but now we could have a more specific release date thanks to a report from Korea.

According to Korean news website Eun.ko.KR, Samsung and three network companies are in talks to release the galaxy folding machine in Korea on September 6th. He claimed the fixed device was originally tagged for the end of September, but apparently the launch schedule has been greatly extended.

The site also said that Samsung will show the device to a global audience for the first time at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show, which opens to the public on September 6th. The US and China are expected to make the Galaxy Fold V2 at some point in September, but a report from Korea did not specify the exact date.

Samsung issued a press release back in mid-July that indicated what improvements had been made to the flawed device. According to the company, a protective film on the top of the display is placed under bezels around the screen to stop it from being removed, and it has also made some reinforced hinges and a foldable display.

The company said that both the top and bottom ends of the hinge have been reinforced with the addition of a protective cap and it has reduced the space between the hinge and the body of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost £1800 when it launches.

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