Samsung Galaxy sash may resume next week ending months of delay

While reports of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have already gathered online, the original foldable smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer has been besieged yet to make its (second) official debut. In July, Samsung promise to relaunch at the Galaxy Times in September, but did not disclose a specific date at that time.

However, in new report from Korean media suggests Samsung has chosen September 6 with an official announcement.

On the same day, Europe's largest trade show kicks off in Berlin, so it wouldn't surprise us in the least that Samsung chooses to use IFA 2019 as its launch platform.

The wait may finally be over

While the Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally set to launch this April, a number of design flaws saw the unusual handset return to the drawing board, and the company canceled all pre-orders.

By June, company executives claimed that "most" of the time the problems had been fixed, with a future launch date set for July. This chart was also off the table only after. And in the meantime, Samsung whet our appetites by putting the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus on the shelves while we patiently wait for one of the most interesting phones to arrive… again.

According to a Korean report, the Galaxy Fold was originally slated for late September, but the company appears to have decided to push the date forward, with South Korea getting the new foldable phone first. The US and China will also do in September, but the exact date has not been announced.

Availability in other markets is still unknown, but we're sure to find out more next week if Samsung doesn't follow through with that September 6th as the announcement date.

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